MusicalSampling trailer Strings, how to prevent CC11 from controling volume ?

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Post Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:01 am

Hi there.
MusicalSampling string bancs have a dynamic control feature, that lets you crossfade from pianissimo to fortissimo samples. It is assigned to the mod wheal by default. I assigned it to an expression pedal sending Cc11, so I can keep both my hands on the keys.Issue, this works but CC11 still controls the bank's overall volume at the same time, which doubles with dynamics control in an annoying way. Their is no way to switch this off from the instrument's GUI, so I Need a Kontakt expert to tell me how to do this within Kontakt, hoping the switch is not buried in a locked script.I cannot use anything els than CC11 as I want to use this bank in MainStage, and all my other banks respond to CC11 the way I want.
I had no response from MusicalSampling support so far.Any thoughts welcome.Cheers,
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