Digitech delay experience

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Magic Russ
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Post Sun May 17, 2020 8:07 pm

I got a Boss Katana a few weeks ago and decided to pull out a few of my old pedals out of storage (I have been running a Boss GT-8 into a keyboard amp for the longest time) to see how they played with it.

I have a beat upDigitech Multi-Play 2020 delay which I bought from a pawnshop ages ago. It's a modulation delay with delay/chorus/flange mode and a second pedal which causes infinite repeats up to 2 sec. I plugged it in, had it set to delay mode, and the delays would randomly sputter out. In chorus mode, it sounded kind of like someone was moving the rate control every couple of seconds.

I decided to open it up and there was a massive clump of dust in there. I'm not sure how that got there considering it had been in a box forever, and the clump was way larger than any of the openings on the unit.

Anyway, I got rid of the dust, sprayed electronic cleaner on the pots, and all was well. I forgot how good that pedal sounded, and pretty glad that all it took to save it was a simple cleaning.

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