Review: EZbass by Toontrack - a deep dive into Toontrack's new Bass Guitar Plugin

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Post Tue May 19, 2020 7:38 am

Toontrack has released EZbass designed to "effortlessly add bass to your songs." Do the samples, articulations & effects deliver? And can EZbass really be as "EZ" as the developer's drum/keys lines and offer a life-like virtual bass guitar player for songwriter and producer?

In this video, we check out the new release from Toontrack, look over the facts and specs, examine the interface, and listen through the presets. In the last half of the video, I share my first experience using the bass plugin on a "real-world" songwriting project and come to some conclusions about who this instrument might benefit.

Big thanks to our friends at Time+Space for a review copy of EZbass.
For a limited time you can get EZbass for $149 (reg $179.00) at Time+Space here
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Post Tue May 19, 2020 8:59 am

Pretty comprehensive :)

I would prefer the video to be split into 3
-- covering the range of sounds available (the first 23 minutes)
-- covering the features (23-40 minutes)
-- covering song composition (40-50 minutes) and summary (50-55) minutes

And some details of importing and using user MIDI within the plug-in (if, indeed, that is possible).

PS UK price at Time &Space is £129 (and don't forget your Loyalty Points)
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