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Post Fri May 22, 2020 2:00 pm

Can anyone Help?
I have been playing around with RapidComposer as a VSTi in REAPER with some success.

I have manage to load up a project in REAPER with RC being used as a VSTi within REAPER and mapping the MIDI Channels from the RC Output Channel in REAPER to various tracks.

I have even been able to Record the MIDI coming out from RC within REAPER - all bar the Percusssion Track.

I can hear the sounds and see the signal arrriving at the Percussion track - but it does not record Midi.

I was using sforzando ( General Midi Drum Set). However when I changed to using a simple Drum Vst ( e.g.SL Drum3 from Beatmaker) it did record the Midi Output?

It is a bit frustrating being so near but so far.

Other tracks using sforzando for single instruments like Strings Harps Flutes etc all work OK.

What Settings/Preferences do you suggest for Tracks in REAPER and RapidComposer?

Especially the RC Output track in Reaper and the Midi/Track settings in Rapidcomposer?


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Post Fri May 22, 2020 3:58 pm

you probably need to "merge" the midi in Reaper.. Click the IO button in Reaper, then merge..

In Reaper, for the RC Vst, you will see "2 out" at the top left.., click that and that brings up the "pin connector".. You will then see "I/O", click that and choose merge..


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Post Sat May 23, 2020 3:44 am

And thanks for responding to my request for information.

After many trials I have managed get a work around – although I am not sure I fully understand the answer.

Routing for any FX in REAPER can be visualized and edited using the plug-in pin connector dialog (click the FX in/out button).
Within this menu there are two sections MIDI INPUT /MIDI OUTPUT
Set MIDI INPUT to “Mapping REAPER MIDI Buses to VST3 MIDI Buses
Set MIDI OUTPUT to “Mapping Vst3 MIDI Buses to REAPER MIDI Buses

The other settings for RC and REAPER are as describe in Chris Aulder Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxcqc9M ... -H&index=5

The important thing to grasp is the use of Channels and Buses – which I need to get my head around.

I found the following Reaper Manual informative in explaining MIDI Channels and MIDI BUSES
Section 17.20 MIDI Routing: MIDI Channels, Track Sends, and MIDI Buses

Anyway thanks again for all your help.


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Post Tue Jun 02, 2020 6:02 am


if you want an alternative way with the Reaper's Child track ability
(with this template no need to mess with routing,input output pins etc. on every new project)
just attach the
01_Rapid, 02_Rapid ..to..16_Rapid ...
(they are basically 16 RC Midi out channels that ready to use/attach)
tracks to your instrument tracks that's it..

you can download Reaper Track Template (link n the description)
open the template and add one instance of RC VST in to the "RC_MASTER INPUT" track in the template
select all template tracks again and right click one of them you should see "Save tracks as track template..."
give a name and just save it.

i hope make sense.

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