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These kits are exclusively available to patrons of The Sound Test Room:
To create these 7 kits, I selected 42 samples from my following sets:
- Julie Vocal Bundle
- Memory Collection Packs 02 and 05
- Out There sample set

I chose samples that in my opinion not only fit well together and can be used on their own to create fun sequences, but also sounds that can spice up other patterns in various musical genres and make the most of Model:Samples features and parameters.

These are not new samples but a few have been further edited or trimmed specifically for this release and I have converted them to 48 kHz. All names have been shortened to better fit Model:Samples display.

Don't hesitate to create your own kits and to mix the samples of the kits as you see (hear) fit!
And of course the samples will work in any app/software/hardware that loads mono, 16 bit, 48 kHz samples.

Visit this page for more info about the source sample sets:

Note: the samples will work in all other Elektron products.

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