2021 Works in Logic Pro 10.6.1 *HOW TO USE*

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So I got a new iMac (mid-2020 i7 27in) running Catalina. I couldn't find my original installer, so I copied the files out of 2 folders and pasted them into my new computer. The files were located here:
Library>Audio>Plug-ins>Components>*3 Kirnu-Cream. components*
Library>Application Support>Kirnu>Cream>*data/presets* <<<The "key.lic" was in the data folder.

Fired up Logic Pro and opened a new project with one soft synth - any synth will do, bass sounds are pretty good to start. Then, look at your mixer channel strip for the synth. Just above the name of your synth there is a "MIDI FX" button. Press it, and you'll see arpeggiator, chord trigger, modifier, etc. At the bottom is "Audio Units". Hover over that and it opens up to Kirnu>Cream . Select it and click on the MIDI FX button again to open it up.

Once Cream is open, select a preset from the top-right section of the upper-center screen (where you see "WELCOME". You should be able to figure out what to do from here.

Play the synth> Cream trancegates and arpeggiates the sound.

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