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(Reposting this here: the effect might be used on other instruments as well)

The Space Guitar Synthesizer is being developed as a non-midi polyphonic expressive synth with saw and squaretooth sounds. It has pitchshifting, dynamic polyphonic filtering and modulation.
There is no fixed release date yet, and it is uncertain whether it will be released for all platforms.
Links to the beta for win/macos/iOS are below.


Space Guitar Synthesizer - windows BETA 2
Beta standalone only
Version 1.2: fixed cabinet and reverb
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zBTOFd ... sp=sharing

Space Guitar Synthesizer - macos BETA 2
Beta standalone only
https://drive.google.com/file/d/18FC_aA ... sp=sharing

-Make sure your mac allows the app:
system settings, security and privacy: check "appstore and indentified developers"
-The app should now be startable, after some warning.
-A workfolder in your documentsfolder will be created. Presets, cabinet and reverb IR's reside there.
-7 example patches are included, saving is disabled. App will however remember last settings when opened.

Space Guitar Synthesizer - *iPad (iOS 12 and up)*
Includes AUv3 version
1) make sure you've installed "testflight" on your ipad.
2) then click on the following link

Please mind your ears though: the builtin amp will allways limit the signal, but if you disable the amp, sound might get louder.
I hope the app is inspiring for you, and I am open to suggestions: my main goal was to
1 - keep the thing manageable in terms of numbers of parameters and such
2 - keep the playfeel like a normal guitar as much as possible.
3 - keep CPU reasonably low.
4 - and ofcourse, most important: expand the guitar soundhorizon into deep space!
BETA is provided as is, no warranty is given in any form

Paul Driessen
Guitarist/DSP Designer

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