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Post Mon Oct 11, 2021 4:59 am

1. Full pad crash
If i switch to AB view, and fill all the pads with samples, then save the preset and reload it, it's instant crash. No matter if i save it with Reaper's built in preset menu, or save it as a file in Speedrum. Only difference is, If i load it back from Speedrum, sometimes i have to load the kit twice to reproduce the crash, but it will crash every time. If i just leave one pad empty, it wont crash.

This somehow linked to Undo too in Reaper, but i can't reproduce it every time. But i guess i filled all the pads, and when i undo in Reaper, it does a full recall, and it kinda "loads the kit" with all the pads, and the same rules apply as in the save-load bug.

2. Dragging inserts only 17 samples
Dragging a lot of samples into the pads, only drops the first 17 samples. Same applies from the built in browser or dragging from external.

3. Retrigger, Trigger, Cut, Cut by - Automatically changes when multiple pads are selected:
Load a bunch of samples to pads
Select one, and change Trigger to A4
Now multi-select a few pads, INCLUDING the one set the Trigger A4
If you now switch between the pads, and once select the one that Triggers A4, all the other pads will set Trigger to A4. Without you touching the Trigger dropdown.

This applies to all these dropdowns: Retrigger, Trigger, Cut, Cut by

Related BUG:
If you select multiple pads with OUTPUT set to different numbers, and want to change all to the same output, you can't do it if you have a pad selected with the OUTPUT you want to change to.
So if you have a multiple selection, and you have a pad selected with OUTPUT 1, and click on the OUTPUT 1 in the dropdown, nothing will happen to the other selected pads.


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Post Mon Oct 11, 2021 6:31 am

Thanks for reporting!

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