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VintageDrumSamples - AUTHENTIC VINYL DRUMS 7 Disco Drums

Are you ready for some nice dance-moves out there!
These are definitely one of the authentic sounding 70s DISCO vinyl drums!
(So, put on your glitter flared pants and stick the breast toupee on and check out our demo)

If you like the unmistakable and (very) cool sounding vinyl drums of the good old days, you will enjoy our "VINYL DRUMS Vol. 7".
Inspired by the Sound of the "Quincey Jones", we tried very hard to emulate the entire chain using analog tape and sampling back from real vinyl record.

Here are the main features:
- Clear and Easy to use Interface
- Multi Round-Robins and articulations (Up to 12 RR)
- GM Mapped
- Kontakt 5.4.3 and above
- WAV files are included (24bit/48kHz)
- Tape & Vinyl Sampling
- Mix-ready (you get what you hear)

Available at

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Vinyl Drums Vol.7 and its versatility (not only for Disco)

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