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I got a new Alesis Q88 MKII, no-nonsense MIDI controller with 88 full-size, velocity sensitive, synth-action keys! Yay!

Going into my DAW of choice (ACID) and bringing-up my copy of Audjoo Helix, voice: BT 70's analog split (at) , I am appreciating a SPLIT KEYBOARD Phenomenon..!!!

Glancing through the Helix Manual, I see no mention of SPLITTING the keyboard, but a Lovely, Panning Synth Wave plays from the lower keys, and a Bold, Synth Horn is triggered from the upper half of the keys..

I need to learn how the split occurs because I would like to reverse those for practice and invent my own's thereafter.. :x


Hi Buddy. The split is done in the oscillators, they have a key-range where they are active.

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