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機能について質問です。Acoustic Bass Premier GとBass Premier Gは共にスライドやグリスの速さを調整する事は可能でしょうか。またレガートの速さをGUI上以外で調整する事は可能でしょうか。

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Might get more response if posted in English. I translated it in Google translate, but unfortunately I can't help you.

Per Google:
I have a question about the function. Is it possible for both Acoustic Bass Premier G and Bass Premier G to adjust the speed of slides and grease? Is it possible to adjust the speed of legato other than on the GUI?

If it is not possible, we would appreciate it if you could add a new function.







Thank you for your comment.
You could not adjust the speed on GUI in our library, because all slide and gliss sounds are the real recorded samples and it's not synthesized one. And I don't like the sound with time stretched samples in Kontakt.

It's trade-off for the advantage of edgy sounds of Acoustic Bass Premier and Bass Premier. But actually, I do not need adjuster in my opinion. Because you can choose slides roughly, and it's no problem in most situation. it packed many gliss and slide samples, and you can stop it anytime with key off. Legato and pitch bend are synthesized, but you can move at just time you need. I hope you'll like it.

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