Cembalo Harpsichord Premier Gについて

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前回のピアノ音源と同様にチェンバロ音源でも32 分のスタッカートで打ち込みをした所こちらもリリースサンプルがブツっと切れるように感じました。リリースノイズを0に近づけるに連れて目立つように感じます。粗探しのようになってしまいすみません。気になってしまったので報告させて頂きました。


Cembalo Harpsichord Premier is a type of harpsichord that is known for its high-quality craftsmanship using traditional instrument-making techniques. This instrument is highly valued by musicians and collectors alike and is often used for professional performances.
The Cembalo Harpsichord Premier is designed based on the traditional harpsichord design, with a soundboard made of spruce wood and a keyboard made of Bloodwood. It also features a unique valve spring that produces a distinctive sound and can be adjusted to the player's preferred touch.

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