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Post Thu Feb 16, 2023 5:50 am

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It would be Amazing to have multiple reading options other than just left to right.
For example, in a circle, like this (

Or even, also in a circle, but from inside out
Or, even as a spiral with diffrent -customizable-ratios (for example a 1.61803398875 Phi Spiral)

This reading ways, in my opinion, more naturally resamble reality, since everything grows from center out but never from left to right.

I am so aligned to this update, that I would even pay for it.
Almost hired a programer to do a diffrent vst but I thought: Why not to just ask for an update in the existant program? It makes so much more sense.

Please let me know (if you are up for it) if I can help accelerate this process with some $ exhange.
I'm currently working on some project that this feature will just sky-rocket.


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Post Thu Feb 16, 2023 6:09 am

I agree. Even if I usually employ Photosounder starting from real sounds, to work on sonograms and do some plain audio elaborations, I agree.

It would be very interesting for those who use Photosounder for the "sonification" of images, that is to translate in some way the beauty of some forms from an image to a sound. I myself have done that many times (for instance, I used extensively sounds coming from images of leaves, in a piece of mine).
In this use case, different reading options would reflect the different ways we have to "read" images with our eyes: when watching the front image of a flower, for example, our eyes read it from the center outwards (from inside out). Or a galaxy viewed in a circle, as you say, or a snail shell viewed by following a spiral trajectory. So, yes, I agree, it would be very useful.

I guess that Photosounder as a pure audio tool for sonograms (from audio files, to achieve stretching, morphing, vocoding, cleaning, smearing or mixing sounds) or Photosounder as a tool for the sonification of images (from photos or graphs) are two quite different ideas, inspiring different views about how the software could evolve in the future (for example: for the sonification of images, coupling it with resonators tuned by the user to precise scales, pitches or chords would be useful, as we see in other softwares).

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Post Fri Feb 17, 2023 8:33 am

I won't do it, but keep in mind that in a way, it's up to you to produce the spectrogram you want. If you want to go through an image radially you can use something like Photoshop/Photopea's Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates...
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