STILL in search of the perfect drum VST... (Speedrum Feature Requests;)

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At this stage I think I've used almost all competing drum sampler type vsts there are (Maschine, MPC, Geist, Battery, Nuance, XO, Atlas, Groove Agent, TAL Drum.. and all are good but they all also have shortcomings..

I very much like the look of Speedrum but before I consider, there are a handful of features I'd like to ask the developer about hoping they may be considered in a - sooner rather than later - future update.

These are features I heavily used when using other drum software and wish they were included in Speedrum. I also mention other VSTs that have the feature so that the developer can use them as a point of reference for said feature.

>> Chromatic Pitch toggle switch (pad level) (aka 16 Level Pitch (MPC Series))
To allow a sample to be temporarily played back chromatically.
VST Drum Samplers that have this feature: Geist 2, TAL Drum.

>> 64 Sounds/larger kits
32 sounds per kit is limiting for all of us users who used Battery (128), Geist 2 (64), Atlas 2 (64), MPC Software (128), Groove Agent (128). Many of us use 49 key keyboards so having kits that at least span this range would be great to reduce kit switching.

>> Global Controls (Master Filters & Pitch Tuning)
So that if we want to apply a low cut or high cut for all samples in a kit, this can be achieved with one knob (for each respectively). Same if we wanted to tune or pitch adjust an entire kit with a single control. There's an area in the Master/Sends section between the sends and master, maybe these controls can go here?

>> Overlayed Envelope Curves with Sample Waveform (preferably that show playback position).
For Amp & Pitch Envelopes so that we can see an overlay over the sample and see the envelope change according to our settings.
VST Drum Sampler that has this feature: Tal Drum, Geist 2

>> Sample Start / End CC Assignable
Would be useful for those of us that prefer hands on control when editing samples.
VST Drum Sampler that has this feature: Geist 2

Are any of these features being considered or in development?

If ONLY there was ONE piece of software that did all of the above and in my opinion be the PERFECT drum VST ;)


Thank you for the suggestions, some of them are planned to be added (in some form), while others are very interesting ideas to think about ;)


either buy a drum machine or rely on samples

one of the hottest drum machines currently being used in every sub genre of electronic music ... ynthesizer


Or a software version of Elektron

Personally I like Kong (Reason) best for its mix of synth/physically modelled and sampled drums


apisonic wrote: Wed Mar 15, 2023 12:14 am Thank you for the suggestions, some of them are planned to be added (in some form), while others are very interesting ideas to think about ;)
That's good to hear, I'll be keeping a close eye on future updates.

Thanks @shockenkleid and @aMUSEd for the suggestions but those products aren't suitable to my workflow or genre. I'm only interested in VST drum samplers like Speedrum, Battery, Geist, TalDrum etc.


I have a few more suggestions, please consider;

>> There's no quick way to make filter changes (via layer section) or non destructive edits (normalize, mono etc) to more than a single pad at a time.
So that if we'd like to make all samples in a kit mono (eg kicks), we don't have to adjust the setting 32 times.
VST Drum Samplers that have this feature: Geist 2, TAL Drum

>> View filter for the browser so that we can hide the sample folders in particular if we choose.
If we just want to see the browser full of kits to load, also seeing the sample folders just clutters the browser.
VST Drum Sampler that have this feature: Geist 2, Maschine, Battery

>> Midi Selects pad even during playback
For some reason this feature doesn't work during playback. Not sure if this is a bug or by design.
VST Drum Samplers that allow this: Geist 2, Battery, Nuance 2, Atlas 2, Groove Agent, TalDrum

>> Normalize & Stereo Mode changeable via the mouse wheel scroll
This makes scrolling thru the options more intuitive.

>> General Undo/Redo [including a separate undo or 'go back' for when using the random sample feature]
Sometimes going through random samples you may realise that a few samples ago was the one you liked. As it stands, once you go to the next you can't go back.
VST Drum Samplers that have do this: Atlas 2, XO

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