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Hello Everyone

first about ABCD (genre browser) buttom
e.g my fav genre is hiphop
it (maybe) have 4 subgenre
i have sample directory for each one of this subgenre
and in each directory i have repetitive folder
e.g trap have own kick folder / boombap have own kick & etc
ABCD buttom help user to switch between genre
then (No2 idea) increasing directory bookmark number to pad number or higher
help user to bookmark all folder & browse between sample very fast > time is gold <

In end Ton of Thanks to this plugin Developer


I think it's more useful to have a builtin tagging and sample organizing browser where you can create tags and labels for the type of sounds you want to highlight and focus on. This wouldn't require samples to be organized any specific way in folders. A lot of sounds can be used across genres, so tagging is more useful. This IMO gives you greater mileage out of your samples libraries than simply adding more favs locations. A random kit maker for a certain genre might also prove useful.


The browser will be upgraded with a better organization of favorites, but in that next upgrade there will be no use of the dedicated sample/kit database yet.

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