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We are pleased to announce ReverbShaper, the rhythmic space machine with advanced ducking.

New for ShaperBox, ReverbShaper unlocks the hidden rhythm of reverb, putting your sounds inside amazing spaces that move, groove and flow along with your music – never static, but dynamic and alive.

Explore 127 reverb spaces – or import your own impulses. Design any reverb pattern with our drawable LFOs. Duck the reverb by envelopes or transients with amazing precision – or use the envelope like a gate to control what gets sent into the reverb. Reset reverb tails for clarity. Go full multiband with 3 separate reverbs. And get inspired with 100+ presets from professional sound designers Yoad Nevo, Solidtrax, InsideInfo, Cyclick, Andi Vax, Earworm and Ed Ten Eyck.

ReverbShaper is out now priced €39 / $39. Or get it in the full ShaperBox 3 Bundle containing all 10 ShaperBox effects – worth €340 / $340 – for only €99 / $99. Upgrade pricing is available for existing Shaper owners via their Cableguys account.

Watch our "Introduction to ReverbShaper" with Joe at Cableguys:


127 Amazing Spaces
ReverbShaper gives you 127 fantastically diverse reverbs, from lush rooms and halls to shimmering vintage plates, epic ambiences, old-school spring units, and classic gated 'verbs. Want weird? Explore metallic resonances, bizarre slapbacks, experimental swells and beyond. Or import your own impulse responses. And with over 100 professional presets, you’re only clicks away from wild reverb rhythms and ready-to-go mix setups.

Easy Drawable LFOs
Now you can animate reverb Volume and Send levels over time with Cableguys' famous LFO drawing tools. Design any shape in a flash with a flexible Pointer tool, Wave Presets, Pens, Smooth control, and more. Draw curves, steps and ramps, bringing new rhythmic life to reverb tails. It’s easy, fast and fun.

Dynamic Ambience
Focus the reverb precisely where you need it using Cableguys’ flexible modulation. Get the famous ducked reverb effect in 1 click, for ambience that moves out of the way of vocals and instruments automatically, keeping them up-front and crystal clear. Or use ShaperBox’s signature drawable LFOs to trigger a custom ducking curve from transients, target elements inside a loop, and even design your own rhythmic reverb patterns.

Clear Tails Mode
Huge reverbs are fun – but they can get messy fast! As overlapping tails stack up, unwelcome muddiness fills your mix. The solution? Enable the innovative Clear Tails mode and the reverb resets every time the LFO reaches its minimum point, preventing long tails from reappearing once silenced.

Multiband Control
Focus your reverb across up to three frequency bands. Use it as a high/low-cut filter to avoid low-end rumble on drums and bass, exclude vocal sibilance, and add ambience to only specific frequencies in a loop. Or go all the way, combining up to 3 separate reverbs with fully independent settings per band.

Runs in ShaperBox 3
ReverbShaper runs in Cableguys' ShaperBox 3 effects plugin. Use it on its own, or combine it with Time, Drive, Noise, Filter, Liquid, Crush, Volume, Pan and Width Shapers for spectacular multilayered effects. Buy ReverbShaper on its own — or save 73% and get all 10 Shapers with the ShaperBox 3 Bundle, on sale now for Black Friday.

  • Decay: Shorten the reverb with a natural-sounding release.
  • Gated mode: Switch the Decay to produce abrupt gated reverbs.
  • Size: Enlarge or shrink the virtual space and tune its resonance.
  • Width: From pure mono all the way up to enhanced super-stereo.
  • Pre-Delay: Includes synced timings for special rhythmic effects.
  • Trigger LFOs with MIDI or Audio, or sync to the beat.
  • External Sidechain: Audio Trigger and Enveloper Follower react to any track.

Find out more, buy ReverbShaper and try the free demo.
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We are releasing a new Shaper effect for ShaperBox next week! Can you guess what it does? 🤔 (hint: it's one of the most requested ShaperBox effects…)

Comment your best guess in this thread and we'll pick 1 winner next week when it's released. The winner gets a full ShaperBox 3 Bundle of 10 Shapers, including the new upcoming ShaperBox effect. :party:

Here's a shot of Cableguys founder Jakob Rang and Diamond/Multi-Platinum producer SESA (Serhat Sakin) fine-tuning the sound of the new Shaper at SDM Studios in Frankfurt.

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Compression / Ducker

Damn, that's already there, right? :dog:
So, no idea! :lol:
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adl wrote: Fri Nov 03, 2023 6:52 am Compression / Ducker
Hint: That's already both in ShaperBox 3..


Reverb! Finally... 👍😁




boriskarloff wrote: Fri Nov 03, 2023 7:05 am Reverb! Finally... 👍😁
I concur :)


T-Pain effect ftw! :party:

Jk, I’m guessing reverb and/or delay.
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Also tend to Delay/Reverb... or a Gate, maybe?





Wanted to participate, but, I literally have no idea what it is. I'll go with pitch shaper! ;) Although that frequency band control doesn't make much sense then.


Transient Shaper. :tu:


I'm 75% sure it's a Delay
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chk071 wrote: Fri Nov 03, 2023 7:24 am Wanted to participate, but, I literally have no idea what it is. I'll go with pitch shaper! ;) Although that frequency band control doesn't make much sense then.
All guesses are included in the prize draw, whether they are right or wrong :)

Re the frequency band section, all Shapers have this 3-band multiband section :wink:

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