"Julaytrofen" - dark drone ambient track

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Synths: Geraint Luff's PadSynth, syn_phoneme2.
Effects: Saike SequencedFX, Saike Reflectosaurus, stw-audio Reflex Pro 2.


Note that PadSynth, phoneme2, SequencedFX and Reflectosaurus are all JSFX-format plugins for Reaper - very versatile. To use JSFX plugins in other DAWs use ysfx "wrapper" plugin.
SoundCloud * Albums:"Elarchimeriac" "Imnixtimnuor" "Paustiufrutaa"
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Well it's been 3 days and no one has commented. My opinion: I don't attribute much "talent" to the creation of these long drone random meditative background tracks. Probably good in some instances as a musical bed for video, maybe under some narration, but it doesn't stand on it's own and lends itself to people skipping through to see if anything is going to happen. (Spoiler: it's 10 minutes of sameness with no breaks and no change in dynamics. A snooze fest.) Probably ok on an ambient album, and if that's the goal, yay for you. I, personally, don't buy ambient albums. And unfortunately, this 10 minute piece doesn't take anyone on a journey of any sort.


I once tried to make ambient but it was difficult. I found this song to be a nice world of sounds and a little bit thought provoking too

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