"Almoralraina" - multilayered ambient track

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Synths: Cryologic, DSK Ethereal PadZ 2, DSK Synthopia 2, MHC AmbientKeys, MHC Extreme, MHC IndustrialTones, Neoretro DX, Noized Sinex, SpaceDrone, STS-33, Swamp.
Effects: AmbientReverb, Echobode, Glimmerverb, GRM Evolution, Smartelectronix Fire, Toraverb, ValhallaShimmer
Tools: PaulStretch, SirenAudio Generative 2.

SoundCloud * Albums:"Elarchimeriac" "Imnixtimnuor" "Paustiufrutaa"
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While it was interesting, if you look at the waveform it's 10 minutes of basically no dynamic range. There's always a drone. Consider giving the listener a break and back it off to drone-free nearly silent sections with something else happening. Then you can return to the heart of this piece.

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