Freeware 2005 VSTi/VST Roundup

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Freeware 2005 VSTi/VST Roundup

Updated October 18,2005 - added glitch tech, revisit, and some other stuff ;) - welcoming new suggestions and fixing other probs

Been punting around on the board here, noticed the huge number of freeware plugins, and thought i would make a list with urls ... to make it easier for people to find them ... sorry, if this concept has been done before, just wanted a 'recent' list

I TRIED (with some success) to have recent/more useful plugins only, and some simple descriptions for the various sites + plugins, TRIED to keep the list short and to the point

So here it is, any glaring exclusions or suggestions for additions/subtractions ?
DAMN - free VST/VST have gotten VERY good in the last few years or so, big thanks to all the DEVS!
And a huge thanks to this site, KVRAUDIO rox
Sorry if this post is redundant :(
Alphatbetically, random order...

Immediately Useful
Fre(a)kscope - FFT spectrum analyzer
Inspector - spectrum analyzer, VU meter, channel spread meter, etc
S(M)exoscope - oscilliscope
Sonogram sg-1 - VST free Sound analyzer

Full List
Aciddose - Link2 - Xhip beta
AcousMODULES - Synthedit multichannel plugins - samplers, synths, etc, lots!
Acquit Records
AlgoMusic - Arpy, String Synth, PhadiZ, X-Wof
AlphaKanal - Mac VST
Amplifier Stimulation List - great post by mutant
Analog Industries Filterizer - free normal state-variable filter
Ant - powerful free softsynth
Anwida DX Reverb
Arcdev Noise Industries - Check out Wavehack - sampler with timestretching, crunchy and lofi
Aruguru Stardust - powerful mastering plugin - free !
Asynth - Antti - Asynth, Phase90, Saro
Audiobulb Sophia - nice ambiences and modulated sounds - Delay Lama - singing monk - great gui!
Augur - VST prophet clone, previously known as VSynth
Batsounds Mellowsound - Mellotron emu
Beta Bugs Audio - Bugpack
Big Tick- Cheeze Machine, Delay, SO many more
Bioroid Turntablist Pro
Bitshiftaudio - Freeware VST .REX player - three osc syn with FM, good filters, etc
BlueCat - Freeware Stereo Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Digital Peak meter
Bojo software - impulse and organ one now freeware :)
Boxsounds - Dragon II, Voctapus (great vocoder!)[/url]
B. Serrano - osiris, stratos, phobos, callisto, phaz303, eclipse, pulsar2, solaris, xs, nucleus
Buzzroom - Maximizer, Dynamics Free Bundle, RoomReverb, FilterOne, Lallapallooza lite, more!
C-Plugs - FFT spectrum analyzer, very accurate instrument tuner
Camel Audio - PhatFree - Distortion + Compressor
ChordSpace - generate chords, etc, as a vsti
Christian Budde - Bugpass, Phasebug, Tina Turner, Toadstunnel, and more!
Cockaigne VST Plugs - good synths like morpheus
Concrete FX - QSpectrum
ConcreteFX Freebies - Link2 - some really nice ones here - like Ensembler !
ConcreteFX Rock - Two Osc Synth hybrid - solid reviews !
Crystal - semi-modular syn with subtractive + FM synthesis, imports wavs + soundfonts
Delaydots - PitchWorx DX (freeware), Synare plug-in for FXPansion's DR-008
Dexter Synths
DigitalFishPhones - THD, endorphin, dominion, the fish fillets, normalizer
Dream Vortex Studio - Novatron/Mellotron 80'semu - Dream Sequencer, PhatBass, TapeDelay
E-phonic RetroDelay - tape delay emulator, other good ones like Invader + Drumatic 3!
Elemental Audio Systems Inspector - Spectrum Analyzer, Meter
Elevayta - Wide Boy is a nice freeware stereo widener gadget
EnergyXT Resource Page
ERS - Lazysnake, PolyIblit, Drumular, Redshift Audio Vendetta, Drums, Iblit
EVM SYnths - nice synth packs here
Exponent - Delta filter, phase, ping, space, force, s-cal
Farb-rausch - vocal synth - brand spanking new :)
Fat Ass
Freeverb - Thanks Jase - A very nice free reverb
Free Espace Cubase List
Free Sonic Spot - Free huge list of freebie VST plugs from the years
Free Synth Links - geared towards fxpansion, but a nice list
Free Synths - categorized by synth/effects type on kvr forums
Free Xelenio List
Free VST Listing by Sadglad Ultimate - amazing !!!
Freeware Older Database List
Freeware VST List - great site but in japanese but still navigable
Freeware VST Effects Roundup - great list by Dingo865
Fretted Synth - Wah synths and effects, CC multi midi plugins
FXpansion Mysteron
G200kg - ProtoPSG psg-004, Freqatic ver.0.4, KusoSynth Version 0.5
Glen Stegner
Glitch Tech - Booty, Randomiser, Sidechain Gate, Randomiser
Glitch VST - Smartelectronix
Glitch VST
Green Machine - AMP II, Gate, WAH, Little Booster
GTG Synths - SO many free synths you will shit your pants
Guitifier - great guitar amp emu, basspunch, and alte plugins :)
Guru One
Insert Piz Here - Mr Alias, blood bucket, junkmaster, randomid, yarkor, robot juice, illogic - Dub Scrolls - Siren, Tape + Bionic + Analogic Delay, Echomania
Ixox Flute - nice free flute Emulator
iZotope Vinyl
JustJ - Poisonator, RoboDrum, Roboline, Robosynth, Talon JustJ, TheKnob
Jonas Norberg - ZingerDx, FloatCrusher, PlayDelay, PWMDrive, Firegain, Square-o-matic, Whix
Juno6 Emu
JX Plugins
Kara Music Production
Kiesel Soft - Delay from helga
Kjaerhusaudio Classic Series - chorus, comp, delay, eq, flanger, limiter, phaser, reverb - hi quality! - Sonic - great synth!, Rebel2max, Ninja - cult synth
Klanglabs - Few freebies synthedit
Krakli - multiple free synths and effects like vurtbox, effem, superring, ezpoly
Kriminal - Karnage
Kuniox - sampler that plays .aiff - great VST site, information, downloads - Syntar - great sitar emu, and other vsti's
Le Barrail
Le Projet Flou - Midi lfo and several other useful plugs
Linplug Alpha
Luxonix LFX-1310 - free VST multi-effector - 24 types of algorithm, 3 serial slots
MDA Plugs - a TON of free vsts
MDSP - Smartelectronix
MGAudio - Tempo Delay, Trigger Gate
Mr Ray - Rhodes emulator - big pack of "older" freebies
Mutagene - Macomate 88, POCAS, Mukoco Comb Filter, 2WarpDelay, Mutant Koto, qWarpFilter
NDC Plugins - Buffer synth, cycle shifter, dist, reversinator, so many more!
Nexoft - Loopazoid drum sampler
Noizeware - TriDirt
Nomad Free Bundle - Phaser, Tremolo, Sweeper
Novaflash - Virtual analog synths - xmax, zero, microgram m1, ouputer, snip
Novakill - synthedit joykiller, karmakiller, lovekiller, original synths!
NuSofting - freebies - Kazootronica, Kaotica, microrock, micromono
Obertone - SpectriX - filterbank, exciter, asymetric filtering
Odo Synths - Scope, rhythms, organ, drum synthesis, so many many good ones!
Ohm Force Frohmage - Frohmage rox
Oli Larkin - Adv MidiGate, Gatecomb+freeze, Formant, Stepcomb, GrooveMod, Chopper
OmalleySound - Soundfont player, and synths, etc
OtiumFX - BASSLANE - control stereofield of lower frequencies
Oxe - nice FM synth
PDVST - load pd plugins as vst
Phasic - several audio signal mod plugins
Plugsound Free
Polarity Tubester
ProjectOne P1-Tapedelay
Project X - X-amp, PXE-1, several others
PSP - Vintage Meter, PianoVerb
reFX Claw - progenitor of beast and vanguard but free ;)
RedShiftMedia - Switcherbank, Transient Gate, Ducker - nice sidechain compressor
Rekliner - LoopyLlama and TremoLlama
ReVisit - VST Tracker
RGC Audio SFZ - freeware soundfont vsti sampler, also triangle I + II
Richard Brooks - free Arp 2600
Rocksonics - free VST plugins!
Rumpelrausch Taips - Crazy Diamonds, check the homepage too :)
Safwan Matni - Kunan, Strings, Piano, Accordian emus
Sam - Chip32 and VOPM
Sampletank Free
Scuzzphut - scuzzphut6.5-lite, echographz, philterkeyz, phutboy slim
Silverspike - RoomMachine 844, Ray Tube, TapeIT
Simple Media - Spook Keys - Great theramin emulator
Simulanalog - guitar suite - great amplifier stimulator
Sinus Freeverbs
SIR convolution reverb - A great freebie - loads any wav as a waveform
SKNote - Traks VSTi time stretching
SK Synths - Ganymed, FM synths, VivaldiMX - 16 midi channels in one plugin
Slim Slow Slider - C3 Multiband Compressor, and some others - Lots of good stuff! - Ambience great reverb
Softrave - Fondue, Harmonium EMU, idm, radio, mandala, etc
Space Window - Artphase, Disphase
Steinberg VB-1 - Bass guitar emu
Stumm PG-23P 1.0 - Mute - Aaron Mccammon
Subduer - dual osc polyphonic subtractive synth with multiple effects - Stepchild - 32 step sequencer and more
Subtek VST
Subtrakt 5.1 - 6-Osc Surround Synthesizer
Super Eel - Sadglad - Dodo Bird - like Kantos, Alien Solo
Superwave P8 - extremely powerful freeware synth
Sweetboy's Cafe - Free VSTS - SH-1, Volcano, T-SLEDG, S and S, RDR, DSP, Glacier
Synth1 VST - it is modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2Red Synth
Syntedit - make your own vst plugins
TK plugins - Some SICK VST plugins!
ToTc Productions
Trubia Labs
TubeBaby - tube guitar amplifier - great and free !
Tweakbench - dozens of GREAT free vstis and effects - Check out pressure!
Ugo - Texture BP Polysyn, Res Mono, String Theory physmodel, massive modulation polysyn
Twitch VSTi - Nice Drummachine coded by Cactus aka M. Höglund
Virsyn microTera - precursor of the great Tera
Voxengo - Several Freebies
Waka X Slicer Pink Ninja
Whitenoiz Memory Phrase Sampler
Wombat - tons of great freeware synthedits
Xtal Free mp3 dj vsti
Yohng VSTs - Created a nice piano, bass, rhodes, e-piano
ZynAddSubFX - multi-timbral synth - very good, can create infinite sounds

Reaktor patches and links ... aktor.html

So hopefully someone finds this list useful, happy times! :love:
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Very useful list nool. Thanks for the links! :)

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Post Sun Dec 26, 2004 2:12 pm

Great list, thanks!

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Post Sun Dec 26, 2004 2:19 pm

not bad!

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Post Sun Dec 26, 2004 2:36 pm

Steinberg Warp VST - LINK - nice distortion free pluggie :shock:


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Post Sun Dec 26, 2004 2:36 pm

Nice list. Is Steinberg Warp free? Seems like it cost 149 on sale.

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ahh yea ... thanks for catching that, removed :P

any other suggestions ? :) i'm happy to edit it

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thanks!I have now 20+ new synths/effects to try.

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Post Sun Dec 26, 2004 3:22 pm

could you add my site?



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Post Sun Dec 26, 2004 4:12 pm

hibrasil wrote:could you add my site?


I'm a long time fan of your plugs.
autopan,choppper ,stereo enhancer etc etc....all get regular use here.
i just thought i'd take the occasion to say thanks!

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nool wrote:Freeware 2004 VSTi/VST Roundup

So hopefully someone finds this list useful, happy end of year :love:
Utterly brilliant...! :shock:

Thanks nool for taking the time to put together an up to date list of free plugs. There really is a huge collection now. This list will save many a fortune. :)

Thanks 8)

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hibrasil wrote:could you add my site?


u bet ! done :)
nice plugin dev list you have there, some i can't wait to try :)

to all - glad its helping out, probably won't help most of the oldie members on the forums, but ya never know..

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nool wrote:
hibrasil wrote:could you add my site?


u bet ! done :)
nice plugin dev list you have there, some i can't wait to try :)

to all - glad its helping out, probably won't help most of the oldie members on the forums, but ya never know..

hehe funny you should say that,but ive just scanned it to pick up a few im missing after a new pc so thanks 8)
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Could someone please tell whether any (or hopefully some) of these plugs work on mac too?



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Post Sun Dec 26, 2004 11:30 pm

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o Woah, Dude. What a list. That'll make your hair stand up. :D

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