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What is it?
UtilityStand-alone utility / application
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Virtual Reality Devices
Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift S
Oculus Quest (through Quest-Link)
Oculus Quest 2 (through Quest-Link)
HTC Vive
HTC Vive Pro
HTC Cosmos  DAW support
Reaper 64-bit (version 5.96 or higher)
Nuendo 10 or higher  OS dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT for VR
Windows 10
VR-ready PC  OS DAW and dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT Adapter
Windows 10
OS X 10.11+  For 3D audio spatialization, an additional dearVR PRO license is required.  For multi-channel productions and monitoring through headphones, we recommend dearVR MONITOR.
License & Installation Method
Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Discover a revolutionary and intuitive VR controller for spatial audio productions. Experience mixing in a fully accessible 360° space by connecting a VR headset to your DAW session.

Perfect workflow for spatial audio productions

Experience next-level creative freedom controlling your spatial audio production in VR. Intuitively position your tracks and write automation via gesture control.

Get direct access to Dear Reality's high-end spatializer dearVR PRO staying and easily create ultra-realistic acoustic environments with a true perception of direction, distance, reflections, and reverb.

Fast & Intuitive Workflow

Control positions of sound sources simply by pointing at them in the virtual space. With the Minimap-Tool, you always have the whole mix and the automation data from your workstation at your fingertips. Use the VR controller to write automation and control a mix intuitively.

dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT gives you the power to check and optimize your mixdown instantly using head tracking - the same as it will be perceived in the final medium by the user.

Direct Access

Jump through the timeline and tracks in VR the same as you're used to in your DAW. Set & control markers, loop points, automation modes, and solo & mute individual for each audio source. Control levels with faders on the meterbridge or simply perform an up or down gesture - just like painting your mix.

Advanced Spatialization

Each sound source in the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT represents a dearVR PRO track in your DAW. Control spatial position and acoustic virtualization to simulate a car, church, stadium, or concert hall. Decide which audio format you want to output at the end and monitor it head-tracked with headphones or even loudspeakers.

Automation export function

Transfer dearVR PRO's positional automation data via dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT directly into the Unity game engine. The automation export function allows you to experience six degrees of freedom in Unity. For more details, check the dearVR INTERACTIVE BUNDLE offer.

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