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64-bit VST/VST3 Compatible DAW
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DeeQ is a single-band dynamic EQ filter, letting you adjust the parameters of the EQ from the envelope or an external sidechain. With DeeQ you can do everything from small adjustments making room in the mix, to creative wah type effects.

Dynamic EQ

DeeQ lets you adjust the frequency, gain, and Q value of the filter dynamically, either from the incoming audio, or from an external sidechain. You can apply a pre-filter EQ to the detector to only respond to specific frequencies, letting you truly have control of the sound.

Sidechain Detection

Using sidechain detection you can dynamically sculpt your audio using another audio channel as the source. For example, you can automatically remove mid range frequencies when the vocal is playing, or remove the sub bass when the kick hits.


With the addition of mid/side modes, you can dynamically adjust the stereo spread of your audio. Make the bass mono when a kick plays, or widen the treble over a vocal take.

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Reviewed By piermarco.lunghi
July 10th, 2021

Venomode = great plugins, great support and linux friendly!!! I'm going to buy all their products.

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