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Efektor RV3604 Reverb

Efektor RV3604 Reverb Efektor RV3604 Reverb Efektor RV3604 Reverb
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.9 or later (64-bit)
Core2 Duo, or better (latest Intel i3 recommended)
with 4GB minimum RAM
Native Apple Silicon Compatible
VST, VST3, or Audio Units compatible host/DAW
Pro Tools 11 or later for AAX format
Propellerhead Reason 10.1 or later for Rack Extension format
License & Installation Method
Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Efektor RV3604 Reverb

Efektor RV3604 Reverb with 5 types of versatile guitar pedal effect reverbs is made for great recordings of the century. RV3604 uses simpler controls for your roomy ambience, surfboard crashing waves, far-reaching space, sun-over-the-clouds moments and holy-lights-from-the-sky epicness.

The most commonly used effect on every source of every recordings. Found on small practice amps to big touring amps. Also on stompbox pedal effects to large studio rack units. It's usage is somewhat tricky, but it could be the fine border of a professional recording and a beginner's work. Reverb is a powerful tool to add depth, distance, and also to build emotion to the listener. It gives ambience, creates space, and produces a sense of three dimensional to the original sound.

Taken the algorithms from the sounds of natural spaces to artificially created electrical and mechanical devices, Kuassa Efektor RV3604 Reverb provides five types of Reverb to enhance your recordings:

  1. Room: Tight and fat roomy sound.
  2. Hall: Big and wide concert space.
  3. Plate: Simulated vibrating metal plate. Grainy and unique because the low frequency propagates slower than the high freq.
  4. Spring: Simulating mechanical springs commonly found on guitar amps.
  5. Shimmer: Haunting and atmospheric reverb, created by pitch shifting the reverb tails.

Key Features:

  • Epic sound quality with simplified controls. Dial fewer parameters and get great result instantly. Separate Wet and Dry controls.
  • Photorealistic graphics for lifelike guitar playing experience.
  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.
  • Support up to 96000Hz Sample Rate.
  • CV Inputs for Automation (Rack Extension only).

{See video at top of page}


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