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Fielding SoundWorks

Fielding Soundworks was founded in 2017 as a high-end professional sound design outlet by me, Adam Fielding.

Having worked as a professional musician and sound designer for many years, I have a firm understanding of what makes for useful, high quality, inspirational content. I love creating new sounds that inspire musicians to create. Whether you're composing music for a high-end film/TV project or working on a more personal artistic project, I want you to feel absolutely inspired when browsing through the sound banks available here. Generic genre sound banks, these are not.

I first became involved in professional sound design in 2007, and have since contributed sounds and patches to a variety of projects. These include commercial sound libraries, mobile app sound design, and bespoke patches for select clients.

My previous sound design work has involved numerous projects with Nucleus SoundLab, as well as work with Propellerhead Software, The Producers Choice, Camel Audio, Confide, FXPansion, and Sonic Charge.

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