License & Installation Method

Reflekt Audio Player Man 3000

This installation method can apply to all of Reflekt Audio's VST Plugins.

Plugin Installation Pathways

Mac OS X Installation:

  1. Click on GO in the Mac OS X header.
  2. Hold down the Option key on the keyboard.
  3. Select "Library".
  4. Click on "Audio".
  5. Click on "Plug-ins".
  6. Drag and Drop the AU .component version into the Components folder if you use audio units or Drag and Drop the VST3 in into the VST folder.
  7. Load up your D.A.W and scan for new plug-ins if needed.
  8. Enjoy.

Mac OS X Pathway: Library > Audio > Plug-ins > Component Or VST Folder.

Windows Installation:

  1. Click on Windows start and click on "Computer".
  2. Click on OS(C:) drive, then click "Program Files(x86)".
  3. Select the corresponding Drum Kings version which would be either x32-bit or x64-bit.
  4. Select the TXR1 instrument folder and the TXR1.dll file and drag them into your VST folder where your plug-ins are stored.
  5. Load up your D.A.W of choice and scan for plug-ins.

Windows Pathway: Computer > OS(C:) > Program Files(x86) > VST Folder.

FL Studio users can install in the FL Studio directory directly.

Windows FL Studio Pathway: Computer > OS(C:) > Program Files(x86) > Image Line > FL Studio > Plug-ins > VST.

* Make sure you drag the .instrument folder as well as the .dll files OUT of the folder and into your VST folder. DO NOT remove the .mse files within the instrument folder. The .mse files must remain in the .instrument folder.

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