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License & Installation Method

Acoustic Dhaak 2 by RDGAudio

Extract the Files from Archive and put them under Acoustic Dhaak 2 Instruments folder, so that the Plugin can find the location of the sound files.

Here you are going to purchase the Instruments or Sound files. You need to download the AU, VST, VST3 (32-64-bit) plugins which is free via https://rdgaudio.com/acoustic-dhaak-2/


Q: Can I load other expansion pack with in it?

Ans: No you can load only Acoustic Dhaak 2 Instruments.

Q: Where to put Expansion Instruments files?


After loading the plugin click on Open > Acoustic Dhaak.instruments>Paste.

For Mac.


**Please Agree the following Terms & Condition

We don't offer Money back or Refund Guarantee. After purchasing a product if you dislike for any reason in any manner please don't ask us to refund the money.

Our Download link is accessible for 24 hours. What's more, we have Three times resend framework inside 1 year. In case you lost the file we only send the product again (max 3 times) on basis of your purchased e-mail address. This framework is legitimate for 1 Year from the date of your purchase. Following 1 Year on the off chance that you lost and ask us to resend the item once more, you need to Purchase the item once more.