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License & Installation Method

Scholar Audio Finger Paint Serum Presets

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the zip file you downloaded upon your purchase.

Navigate to the directory on your hard drive where you installed Serum.

Within the Serum folder is a folder labeled 'Presets'.

Open the 'Presets' folder and copy the folders containing the presets from the
unzipped folder into the Serum 'Presets' folder.



By purchasing or downloading this product from Scholar Audio or any authorized distributor that sells Scholar Audio products, You (hereinafter referred to as the "Licensee" or "Buyer") accept and agree to this license and all the terms set forth within.


Any and all presets, samples, audio files, project files and or MIDI files included within this product are licensed to the Licensee under a Single-User License. Scholar Audio LLC owns and retains the legal Copyright to any and all files delivered as part of the Licensee's purchase and reserves all rights not expressly granted to the Licensee under the terms of this agreement. All content included in this purchase is licensed on an as-is basis and Scholar Audio is not liable in any way for the results of the Licensee's use or lack of use of the purchased content. This License is valid for the duration of the lifetime of the Buyer.


The Licensee is granted authorization for royalty-free use of any and all presets, samples, audio recordings, project files and or MIDI files within this product to produce, manufacture, distribute, license, synchronize and sell original creative works including songs, audio recordings, podcasts, film, commercial and game scores including and included within any and all forms of physical, digital or broadcast media.


This license expressly excludes the Licensee from copying, loaning, re-selling, leasing, assigning, or transferring the contents or rights granted in this purchase to any third party. The Licensee is also restricted from reproducing, distributing and or uploading to an internet server the contents of this purchase for file sharing in any way. The Licensee does not have the right to manipulate or alter the contents of this purchase for sale in part or whole. Nor are any of the contents to be included as part of any commercial VST instrument, preset pack, sample pack or sound library.


With this purchase the Licensee is granted 30 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund. On the 31st day from purchase and any date thereafter no refund will be issued. Scholar Audio reserves the right to refuse a refund to anyone who purchased a product from Scholar Audio or any authorized distributor if it is believed the buyer is abusing the refund process. Any refund issued to the Licensee constitutes full termination of the rights granted to the Licensee under this agreement, and all copies of the product must be deleted and fully removed from any computers or file storage devices on which the Licensee stored the product. Refunds can be requested by contacting refunds@scholar-audio.com.

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