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Metaplugin is a flexible piece of software that loads other VST/VST3 and AU plug-ins and lets you interconnect them arbitrarily. It is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX format and can therefore also be used to bridge plugins in hosts that do not support either the VST, VST3 or the AU format. Plug-ins can be dragged onto the freely resizeable interface, connections are made by dragging cables between the in- and outputs of the loaded effects. Chains can be saved so that the user can build custom effects out of existing modules.

Metaplugin has its own internal bridge between 32 and 64-bit plugins, enabling the use of older 32-bit VST or AU plugins in 64-bit hosts. It also works the other way: want to keep using an older 32-bit DAW with new 64-bit plugins? With Metaplugin 3.4 this is now possible: load the 32-bit version of Metaplugin and start using 64-bit plugins in it.

As an extra, a flat-summing four band crossover filter and a mid-side matrix are included in the package. This way, multi-band and mid-side versions of existing plug-ins can be built instantly.

Metaplugin supports up to 8 in-out-channels. The user can load it, e.g., into a 7.1 channel of the host and chain plug-ins on all six channels (and across channels). Also, the dry/wet amount going through each of the loaded plug-ins can be adjusted (shift-clicking on the plug-in rectangles turns them into horizontal sliders).

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Reviewed By nicksohn
May 9, 2015

DDMF makes some absolutely excellent plugins.

Yes, Metaplugin is one of those.

It is basically plugin host. i.e., plugin of plugin.

It has very helpful tools for M/S job or Multiband Job.

Metaplugin makes your plugin having Multiband capability and M/S capability.

Resizable window is also great feature.

Only downside is that It is a little bit buggy sometimes. (Especially, when I engage the oversampling option during playback. Otherwise, Crash rarely happen.)

But It helps me a lot to do M/S work or multiband work.

Great workhorse when I treat vocal track, Chorus back vocal track, stereo bus, and even in mastering situation.

Highly recommended.

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Reviewed By tommyzai
January 22, 2014

Metaplugin by DDMF is an easy to use, yet powerful modular plugin chainer. It's accurately called, "A plugin that loads other plugins." A good workflow is vital for doing eMusic, especially me. I'm a teacher, who uses music in class. My students have the attention span of a housefly — so I need to work fast or I lose them. I can't afford to fumble around trying to locate, link, launch, etc. Metaplugin rescues me! It helps keep my system simple, fast, and powerful.

My workflow is as follows: Launch DAW, load Metaplugin (instrument or effect), drag the plugins I need into an area of the interface, drag cables between them to make the desired connections (audio and midi), adjust wet/dry ratio/level, and create music.


  • Re-sizeable interface.
  • Custom built chains can be saved.
  • Host VST and AU plugin together — in one place.
  • No noticeable CPU hit.
  • Responsive, friendly developers.


  • Amazing price considering what it does and how well it does it.
  • Adding VST3 support would be a nice update.


If there is such thing as a man's man, then Metaplugin is a plugin's plugin! Connecting plugins is effortless with Metaplugin, and the possibilities are only limited by the user's own collection and creativity! It is visual, customizable, and lets you focus on creating music instead of being lost in a tangled web of virtual cable madness. I highly recommend Metaplugin to any eMusician, mixer, producer, sound designer, DJ, etc., who uses more than one plugin at a time. Tommy Zai gives Metaplugin several side-chained thumbs up. Thank you, DDMF, for creating such an innovative, time saving plugin.

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