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Mozaic Beats


Mozaic Beats is a Sacramento, CA based software and production company founded by Zac Kinter.

Mozaic Beats seminal product is AutoTheory, a MIDI mapping software application that is based off of patents owned by Mr. Kinter. AutoTheory was first developed as a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason with David Antliff through his Pitchblende Development team. Pitchblende has established itself as one of the top RE developers on the market. Upon it's release in June 2013, AutoTheory was a Top Seller in the Propellerhead shop for four months.

Following this success, the decision was made to make AutoTheory available to music producers on all platforms. This led to enlisting the help of Adrien Anselme and Denis Egea from Springbeats to develop a stand-alone multi-platform version of AutoTheory. Following its recent release, AutoTheory has received strong reviews from both Sound On Sound and Computer Music magazines. We look forward to making this technology available to users of all platforms.

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