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British Classics - TH-U Rig Library
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TH-U British Classics

British Classics is a TH-U Rig Library containing 29 legendary British amp models (29 amps + 29 cabs) and 29 presets.

The Rig Models are created by capturing setups with the following amplifiers:

  • Blackstar HT 40 OD channel - 1x12 Clst cab.
  • Blackstar HT5 Clean channel - 1x12 cab with SM57 mic.
  • Blackstar HT5 OD channel - 1x12 cab with Royer 121 mic.
  • Cornell Romany Clean channel - 1x10 combo speaker.
  • Cornell Romany Crunch - 1x10 combo speaker.
  • Cornell Romany OD channel - 1x10 combo speaker.
  • Laney GH100L Clean channel - 4x12 vintage cab.
  • Laney GH100L Crunch - 4x12 vintage cab.
  • Laney GH100L OD channel - 4x12 vintage cab.
  • Laney Ironheart Studio Clean channel - IRT212 cab.
  • Laney Ironheart Studio OD channel - IRT212 cab.
  • Marshall 1959 Randy Rhoads - 4x12 Greenback cab.
  • Marshall JMP 1987 - 1960AV 4x12 cab.
  • Marshall JMP50 1976 - 4x12 1960AV cab.
  • Marshall JMP50 Clean - 4x12 Greenback cab.
  • Marshall Origin 20C - 1x10 Celestion cab.
  • Marshall Superlead 1973 Golub Mod - 4x12 Greenback cab.
  • Orange Micro Dark Dist - 1x12 PPC112 cab.
  • Orange OR15 Clean - 1x12 PPC112 w/ Royer 121 cab.
  • Orange Rockerverb 50 - 2x12 combo w/ SM57.
  • Orange Rockerverb 50 Lead - 4x12 1960AV cab.
  • Orange Thunderverb 50 Crunch - 2x12 Vintage 30 cab.
  • Orange Thunderverb 50 Dist - 4x12 PPC412 cab.
  • Victory Kraken Od - 4x12 Vintage 30 cab.
  • Victory V40 Crunch - 2x12 V212VV Clst cab.
  • Victory V40 Lead - 2x12 V212VV Clst cab.
  • Vox AC15 Heritage Boost - 1x12 alnico alnico.
  • Vox AC30 Top Boost - 2x12 combo w/ U47.
  • Vox Cambridge Reverb - 1x12 combo speaker.

{See video at top of page}

Overloud Rig Libraries require the Rig Player software available through the purchase of any of the following TH-U bundles:

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