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Vertigo is an additive synthesizer featuring up to 256 oscillators, Bitmap / Wave (WAV/AIFF/OGG/FLAC) re-synthesis and morphing with very high sound quality and built-in effects.


  • Up to 16 voices polyphony.
  • Additive synthesizer with audio and bitmap re-synthesis.
  • 64-bit Audio Units / VST / VST3 / Standalone.
  • Scalable HiDPI Retina GUI.


  • 256 breakpoints parabolic envelopes with stage slope control.


  • Euler generated (Max: -120dB s/noise ratio) (no wavetables used).
  • Up to 256 per voice.
  • 2 Modulation sources with morphing.
  • Phase.
  • Amplitude.
  • Note pitchshift amount.
  • Frequency ratio.
  • Frq/amp envelope (see Envelope above).

Synthesis options:

  • Harmonize (Harmonic/Odd Harmonic vocoder).
  • Phase smearing.
  • Frequency smearing (ensemble).
  • Classic waveform generator assistant (saw/sqr/tri/2xsaw/...).


  • Low Pass/High Pass/Band Pass 12/Band Pass 24/Notch/Peak.
  • Cutoff envelope.
  • Wheel/Key/Velocity modulation amounts for cutoff.
  • Wheel/Velo modulation amounts for resonance.


  • Two resonant filters (serial/parallel mode).
  • Pitch envelope.
  • Amplitude envelope.
  • Pitchbend control.

Mono Effects:

  • Distortion (8 times oversampled overdrive with softclip).
  • Phaser (up to 128 taps).
  • Flanger.
  • Compressor.
  • Equalizer (6 bands).

Stereo Effects:

  • Chorus.
  • Delay.
  • Reverb.

Resynthesis and Sampling:

  • WAV PCM analysis. Bitmap import.
  • Method: Overlapped FFT windows/parabolic peak estimation.
  • Partial amp/frq tracking.
  • 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 FFT framesizes.
  • 4 Windows: Bartlett, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman.
  • Peak level detection threshold control.
  • Peak desestimation using 'ATH' (Absolute Hearing Threshold) and 'Tone Masker' psycho acoustic models.

{See video at top of page}

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Reviewed By rrtdj [all]
November 7th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows

I have been working with this synth for a few weeks and I must say I’m totally impressed with the sonic palette you can get of it.

The main engine offers 256 partials gives a very detailed resynthesis, however it is heavy on the CPU but you can avoid it by reducing the partial numbers or the polyphony.

The layout of the synth is pretty good designed and you can edit the envelopes and operators very easily.

Filter sections is terribly good, you can combine the filters to get some formant stuff to and adding the new envelope morphing capabilities, exponentially multiplies the possibilities.

The resynthesizer is really good and fast, the wave generation is really handy sometimes.

Effects section is top notch. The built in distortion is especially good, and the layout is easy to modify any parameters quickly.

However there is some cons documentation perfectly describes each part of the synth but it lacks a bit in the additive synthesis explanation. Once you follow the link you start to understand concepts better. Google helped a lot too.

And finally about customer service I must say it’s excellent, every question I had got answered by email in a couple of minutes by George, I’d say he’s trying to do his best.

For the price, this plugin is a must-buy, it features unique characteristics and the price makes it is a real bargain.
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