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News Archive for January 2001

30th January 2001

Cycling '74 announced Essential Instruments: Pluggo Collection I at NAMM, a set of 14 VST and MAS compatible instruments for Mac users, here's what you get for $99:

  • A six-voice sampler
  • A sample-based drum module
  • An analogue modelling synth with three oscillators, two LFO's, a multi-mode filter, and modulation matrix
  • An analogue modelling bass synth
  • A Theremin emulation
  • An FM bell
  • A granular synthesis module
  • A seven-instrument analogue modelling drum synth
  • A sequenced wavetable synth
  • An additive synth
  • A virtual tonewheel organ
  • A patchable FM synth

reFX TBL has been updated to v1.1 fixing an installer issue (It would only work if Cubase was installed), and Sample rate below 44.1kHz created audible clicks and crashed the audio-sub-engine.

Nenad Siskov has updated his LM-4 Editor to v1.007 adding Audio Out selection.

Lastly, TraxMusic have posted an interview with Dr SynC!

26th January 2001

Signum have released another update for their S1100 sampler, v3.4 fixes and enhances the VSTi support!

25th January 2001

Another NAMM announcement from Sonic Reality with Sonic Synth, a sample playback module based on BitHeadz' Unity DS-1 sampler engine:

  • Up to 128 voices of polyphony
  • 24 bit
  • 128 midi channels, 128 part multi-timbral, OMS & Free Midi inputs
  • Includes an over 600 Megabyte wave set, over 2,000 sounds
  • Built in effects, MAS, RTAS/DirectConnect, Direct I/O, TDM, ASIO, Sound Manager and VST/Rewire support
  • Reads Unity, AKAI, and ROLAND format sample libraries with the use of the optional Bitheadz' Osmosis program
  • Functions as Stand Alone or as a Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, or Performer plugin
  • Mac and Windows
  • Costs $299
23rd January 2001

reFX have released their first VSTi, a mono bassline synth called TBL (The BassLine) [PC]

  • Monophonic
  • VCO (Pure Triangle, Dirty Saw, Pure Saw, Pure Square, Dirty Square) - Morphable
  • VCF (LPF 12 db/octave)
  • VCA
  • AD Envelope Generator
  • Accent, Portamento(Glide), & Distortion
  • 4 part multi-timbral
  • Full MIDI control of all parameters
  • All parameter saved with song
  • Very low CPU consumption
  • Sample accurate timing
  • Costs $25 (Windows only)
  • Demo available
  • Screenshot
22nd January 2001

Earlier today Steinberg pulled the Cubase VST 5.0r2 updaters from their FTP after the incredible amount of problems reported by users on the Cubase.net forums. Dave Nicholson, the Cubase Project Manager, made a statement, which you can read here, announcing a new Public Beta of r3 that is now available for download, addressing some of the most noticeable bugs introduced in r2. This should be the first in a series of bugfix public betas that will hopefully lead to Cubase being the stable, pro product that it should be.

Steinberg have also posted info on there website about Cubasis VST v2.0

21st January 2001

Congratulations to anyone who has upgraded to Cubase 5.0r2 without any problems, We've had several unfortunately, the worst of which is VSTi related, after playing with them for a few minutes a random CPU overload seems to occur and then recur every minute or so!!  Also after installing I couldn't get back into Windows without going into Safe Mode, after disabling my Anti Virus software it seemed to work. Maybe R3 will be out soon, it has to be said things aren't looking too great

A problem that has been acknowledged and confirmed by Steinberg is 'Export Audio' does not work correctly if 'Enable Audio only during Play' is checked.

Many users are reporting problems with this update, the forum at Cubase.net is VERY busy!

Anyway, we've got a few new banks for you today. Pandamonium has sent us a kit for LinPlug's new freebie drum sampler RMF, comprising of samples from an Alesis D4, MuRAYA has sent a Typhoon kit for the LM-9, and Alexander Engler has sent us 1 bank for JXSynth and 2 ensembles for Reaktor:

Also S.T.E.I.N.B.E.R.C.H have posted a new LM-4 kit on their site

19th January 2001

The VSTi Sampler market seems to be hotting up with a couple of NAMM announcements. Emagic are releasing a VSTi version of their excellent EXS-24 sampler that was previously only available as a Logic plugin and Native Instruments have shown Battery, a very interesting looking instrument that should be very special if Native Instruments track record is anything to go by. They also announced Reaktor 3!

Read more about:

18th January 2001

JXPlugins have released JXSynth v1.1 update, they are also having a bit of a promotional offer, JXSynth is only $29.99 until 31st January, usual price $49.99. The v1.1 fixes are: [PC]

  • Complete MIDI Control
  • Anti-Aliasing Oscillators
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • 10% Faster Audio Engine
  • Improved Compatibility

IK have finally updated their SampleTank site with more info, mp3 demos and a release date of February for the final product and a demo!

Signum have updated the S1100 sampler already to v3.3 adding the facility to act as a VSTi host itself [PC]

Lastly, just in case you didn't know, the Cubase 5.0r2 update is finally to be released tomorrow (19th), a list of fixes and the updater files themselves will be available HERE, the ftp is likely to be very busy though so be patient

14th January 2001

SpeedSoft Virtual Sampler v2.5 Release Candidate 1 has been released, view what's new and fixed HERE [PC]


We've got a new bank for Big Tick's Rainbow, courtesy of Big Tick again:

11th January 2001

Bojo have updated Impulse to v1.02, there's a patch for registered users and a new version of the demo [PC]

  • Now works with all sample rates (11 kHz to 96 kHz)
  • Bug-fix: Sometimes Cubase would refuse to load another instance of Impulse if an Impulse editor window was already open

FruityLoops have made a preview site available with some details of their forthcoming version 3 update that will add VSTi support, check it out here [PC Host]

10th January 2001

LinPlug have released a new free Drum Sampler VSTi RM F, its basically a cut down version of their excellent RM2 and replaces their older free Rupsta Alpha drum sampler [PC]

  • 18 channels
  • 24 voice polyphonic
  • Mono/Stereo, 8 - 24 bit, up to 96kHz, WAV & AIFF support
  • Load samples from front panel
  • Stereo & 6 individual outputs
  • 2 sample layers per channel
  • Pitch adjustable +-6 semitones
  • Imports Rupsta Alpha, LM-9, & LM-4 kits (Up to 2 layers, all of our kits)
  • Uses ECS ('Easy Controller Setup') for full MIDI control
  • Free!

LinPlug have also updated RM2 to v2.03

  • Bugfix - Sometimes trigger lost after saving kits
  • Added RM F compatibility
9th January 2001

Progressive Production Development have updated their free Tritium bassline synth to v2.1 fixing the problem of no sound in Emagic Logic [PC]

8th January 2001

Mig Music have released 'Model E Sounds Collection Volume 1', a set of five 64 patch soundbanks for Steinberg's Model-E (320 Patches in total). They cost $39 and can be purchased online for immediate download! If you fancy these you'll be pleased to know that there is a 14 patch demo bank to download so you can give them a go first.

7th January 2001

SynC Modular has been updated to v2.08.003 for both Windows PC & BeOS:

  • Fixed - Feedback processing errors
  • Fixed - Crash upon displaying out of range numbers
2nd January 2001

Signum's S1100 soft sampler has been updated to v3.2 and can now operate as a VSTi, this is for Windows PC's and a demo is available:

  • 16 bit/44.1 kHz sampling
  • Piano module
  • MIDI patchbay (8x8 in/out)
  • MIDI fileplayer
  • AKAI CD-ROM reading (S1000 format)
  • Multiple outputs
  • Up to 100 programs
  • 99 keygroups for each program
  • 4 samples for each keygroup
  • Unlimited voices
  • Low pass filter
  • Velocity, Pitch bend, Pan, Volume
  • Unlimited note polyphony (CPU dependant)
  • Supports VST & DirectX plugins
  • Costs $300
  • Demo version available