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News Archive for February 2001

24th February 2001

JXPlugins have updated the demo of JXSynth to v1.1 to match the released version [PC]

Steinberg have released the Cubase VST 5.0r3 Final update for Windows:


PPD have updated Tritium to v3.1 [PC]

  • Now compatible with all sample rates
21st February 2001

Steinberg have finally released the v1.1 update of LM-4 (Windows) !!

  • Windows 2000 compatible
  • 32 bit file format now supported
  • Group bug that showed up under certain circumstances is fixed (Hi Hat Bug)
  • Interface slightly updated
  • Download it HERE
  • View the Readme file HERE
20th February 2001

We've got a new Reaktor ensemble for you today, courtesy of J.Knocker who also has several other Reaktor creations available from his Cephalonya site. The banks section has also been updated with a few extra external links to some other Reaktor sites:

16th February 2001

ppd have updated their website with v3.0 of Tritium and news of a new Virtual Piano VSTi, PM50, don't get too excited yet though, it's not due for release until Winter 2001, Nebulosa is apparently due soon though! [PC]

Tritium v3.0:

  • Much reduced CPU utilisation (2 - 3 times faster)

PM50 Virtual Piano:

  • 20 Voice Polyphonic
  • 6 Professional Hi-Quality Sounds (Piano1, Piano2, Strings, Organ, Harp & Vibra)
  • 2 Effects (Reverb & Echo)
  • ADSR Amplifier & Filter
  • Master Volume, Panorama & Pitch Bend
  • All instruments are Surround encoded
15th February 2001

bismark updated their SoundFont Player bs-1 to v1.1 last week [PC & Mac]:

  • Up to 64 Voices
  • EG/Modulation LFO/Vibrato
  • Control Attack/Decay/Release/Cutoff/Q/Vibrato etc. via GUI and NRPN/Control Change (like Roland GS module)
  • Can bypass each EG/LFO to increase performance
  • New GUI and controls
  • Supports 1280 key/velocity regions
  • Many bug fixes and improvements
11th February 2001

A bucket load of banks for you today:

- LM-4 - Korg DDM 110/220 by Shadowfall
- LM-4 - Real Old Drums (3 kits) by Kozdera Radoslav
- JXSynth - Codename Mookie by Simon
- JXSynth - 4 Patches by Beep
- Virtual Sampler - Male & Female Choir by Paul Osborn
- MonoOne - Synteax-2000 by Synteax 2000
- GakStoar Alpha - Synteax-2000 by Synteax 2000
- Reaktor - JP-8000 FilterSynth by Synteax 2000
10th February 2001

Big Tick have updated Rainbow to v2.1 [PC]

  • Sustain pedal and panning controls
  • Support for Logic Audio
  • Support for *.fxb and *.fxp Bank and Patch files

sonicbits have released a beta (v0.1) of their first VSTi - SynthOne, a simple BassLine synth [PC]

  • 3 oscillators (Saw, Pulse and Square)
  • Resonant Filter (24dB LP/HP/BP)
  • Free
FruityLoops 3 has gone final, with a new v3.0 demo also available [PC Host]
TraxMusic have posted an interview with Peter Linsener from LinPlug
9th February 2001

Project One have released a new VSTi for PC users, Bomb That Beat. It's a sample manipulation tool that breaks down sample loops, as ReCycle does, and allows you to rearrange them, tweak volume, tuning, start and end positions, playback direction, a hell of a whole lot more (I think!!)

As the site and documentation is (was) in German its a little heavy going for us non German speakers, so much of this is guess work from playing with the demo. It certainly looks impressive and could be something very special. [PC]

8th February 2001

SpeedSoft Virtual Sampler v2.5 has finally made it out of beta into a final version!! [PC]

  • Check out an extensive list of fixes and new features HERE
7th February 2001

Bojo have updated Impulse to v1.03 [PC]

  • Bug-fix: Modulation wheel didn't work when pitch-mod was 0
  • Bug-fix: In a special situation, changing filter-type would make a loud noise
  • Impulse demo is now 8 voice polyphonic
6th February 2001

It's been a while, I know, but finally the ASIO Latency Survey has been updated!! We're using a MySQL database and PHP now so you can search the results by Card, Company, Latency, etc.

The VSTi page has changed to a PHP page and will have new search & spec features later this week, along with several banks that have arrived recently!

The new server seems to be running OK, if you find any broken links, missing images, etc. please let us know

2nd February 2001

If you are reading this message the DNS has updated and you are looking at our home page on our new server!! The Forum will be up and running again soon, please bear with us while we sort out any problems with our new host.