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News Archive for February 2004

27th February 2004reFX Vanguard v1.0.2 released

27th February 2004White Noise Additive Demo updated

27th February 2004ioNeo Aero Studio v1.0.6.7 released

27th February 2004alphakanal BuzZer updated to v.0.4.2

26th February 2004The Ugly VSTi Interface v0.2 released

26th February 2004Arturia Minimoog V now shipping

25th February 2004Basement Arts Reflex v1.0 released

25th February 2004ConcreteFX Adder v1.4 released

25th February 2004MHC Voxynth v2.0 released

25th February 2004jVSTwRapper v0.5 released

25th February 2004FXpansion VST-RTAS Adapter v1.0.3 (Win) released

25th February 2004Steinberg Nuendo updated to v2.1.2.28

24th February 2004VirSyn Cube v1.5.1 & Tera v2.0.1 released

23rd February 2004ConcreteFX Ethereal v2.7 and Digital v1.2 released

23rd February 2004discoDSP Discovery v2.1b released

22nd February 2004Arturia Minimoog V demo available

21st February 2004ioNeo Aero Studio v1.0.5.6 released

20th February 2004Native Instruments Intakt v1.0.3 released

19th February 2004Steinberg HALion updated to v2.0.3.4

19th February 2004Steinberg Updates

19th February 2004Yellow Tools Culture Groove Pack 1 released

19th February 2004White Noise Additive v1.2.5 released

19th February 2004reFX Vanguard released

18th February 2004Wizoo Hyper Modules announced

18th February 2004Open Labs OpenSynth neKo64 shipping

17th February 2004Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.1.1

17th February 2004alphakanal BuzZer updated to v0.4.1

16th February 2004MHC Fatsondo v2.0 released

16th February 2004ConcreteFX Adder v1.3 released

16th February 2004DashSignature daAlfa2k v2.2.6 released

16th February 2004Outsim Synthmaker v0.8.0.b released

16th February 2004DashSignature DashW.com launched

15th February 2004Synapse Audio Scorpion v4.2 released

15th February 2004Turntablist Pro (OS X) v1.0.3 (updated) released

14th February 2004discoDSP Discovery v2.1 released

14th February 2004Axxeom beta updates

14th February 2004Pluggo OS X v3.1.2 released

13th February 2004Crossfade Loop Synth v1.2 & Additive Synth v1.0 released

13th February 2004NBM Grenade v1.2 released

12th February 2004LinPlug RM IV now available for Audio Units

11th February 2004polyIblit updated to v1.0.0.3

10th February 2004Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 v1.2 released

10th February 2004VAZ Modular v3.0 released

10th February 2004jVSTwRapper v0.4 released

10th February 2004SAWStudio v3.6b & SAWStudioBasic v1.1a released

10th February 2004alphakanal BuzZer updated to v0.4

10th February 2004Music Studio Producer v1.1.2 beta released

9th February 2004Desaster Development Ruction v1.0.1 released

8th February 2004Synapse Audio Orion Platinum v5.2 released

7th February 2004Outsim SynthMaker updated to v0.7.9g

7th February 2004Samplitude/Sequoia v7.2.2 released

7th February 2004Extreme Sample Converter v2.0.1 released

7th February 2004DashSignature EVE v1.2.4 released

6th February 2004Oxe FM Synth v1.1 released

5th February 2004Cakewalk Project5 v1.5 released

5th February 2004Aero Studio released

4th February 2004BitHeadz Unity v3.3.1 released

4th February 2004MHC Space Synth v2.0 (OSX VST) released

4th February 2004East West Kompakt instruments OS X v1.0.2 released

4th February 2004Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt v1.0.2.008 released

4th February 2004Best Service Artist Drums Kompakt OS X v1.0.2 released

4th February 2004Zero-G Morphology Kompakt OS X v1.0.2 released

3rd February 2004Toontrack dfh Superior shipping in March

3rd February 2004VirSyn Cube v1.5 released

3rd February 2004Kristal Audio Engine v1.0 released

3rd February 2004SAWStudio v3.6a and SAWStudioBasic v1.1 released

2nd February 2004AudioMulch v0.9 beta 15 released

2nd February 2004ioNeo Aero Studio v1.0.2.2 released

2nd February 2004Steinberg HALion v2.0.3 PB3 released