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News Archive for March & Feb 2000

Site News VST Instrument News

Added Tips & Guides section to the links page, initially some links to creating LM-4 kits and a using Pro-Five article.

Our first GakStoar Alpha bank is available in the banks section.

Our first bank for S&C Developments MonoPoly is the excellent MoPo1 courtesy of Mark Giles, again.

2 new banks for the Muon Atom. Thanks to Mark Giles for one, and Muon Software and their contributors for the other. Incidentally, all the Atom banks are compatible with the soon to be released Atom Pro, which builds on the excellent Atom by adding a GUI & full MIDI control, check it out here.

Also 1 new bank for the SC101 from Adaerus, you can check out his music here.

Converted the 2 LM-4 LM-4 kits to LM-9 kits. Basically the LM-9 versions each load as 2 separate kits of 9 sounds each allowing you to use the whole bank spread over 2 instances of LM-9, if you get what I mean!

Redesigned this page to include a VST Instrument News column. Any software companies/freeware developers/etc. who have VST Instrument announcements please contact us.

works with Netscape 4 now!

Just a small update today, we've added the start of the FAQ/Tips section. If you check it out you'll see its not very big yet, we could really do with some input from you lot out there, please contact us with your tips ;-)
The page doesn't work properly with Netscape 4, only IE4+, sorry about that we're working on it. Netscape's a pain for formatting :(

We'd also appreciate more banks if anyone's got any to share!

Yet more drum Banks. A Roland CR 8000 bank for the LM-4 from us, and a Roland TR-909 bank for the SC DX-100 from Adaerus. Also, due to popular request, we've reorganised the Banks page to sort by instrument and date so the newest banks appear at the top of each instruments section! This should make checking for updates easier. A couple of new links have also been added to the links page, best place for them I reckon :)

2 new chunky drum banks today, similar kits for the LM-4 and SC DX-100. This is our first kit for the LM-4 so let us know if there are any problems with it!

Thanks to Stephen Gwinn for a new bank for cesSynth1, also 2 new banks for SC DX-100 from us. The links section has been updated with a new announcement from A0 Digital Audio - the A0 DK Virtual Drums, and to include the Koblo instruments for the Mac (You've probably noticed the PC bias here as that's what we use) Also check out the survey.

Added 1 bank for the Muon Atom by ourselves and 1 for the Atom and 1 for cesSynth1 by Thomas Mahnken from Burn Rubber.

2 new banks for S&C DX-100 and 1 for the SC101 are now available in the Instrument Banks section.

Also added Pro-Five MIDI Controllers list, originally by n0j0e, reformatted to fit this site.

GakStoar Delta v1.1 released

  • Dual Oscillator Crossmodulation (frequency or amplitude)
  • Pulse Width Modulation for ALL waveforms (as introduced in GakStoar alpha)
  • High Quality, practically aliasing free Oscillators
  • All envelopes can now be switched between Enhanced & ADSR, or even bypassed
  • Filters now have an additional key-track parameter with a range for -100% up to +200%
  • Now up to 24 voice polyphonic (depends on CPU speed)
  • Upwards compatibility from GakStoar Alpha

cesSynth1 v1.1 released for PC & Mac. A $20 shareware version is also available with sample accurate sync

S&C Development Drums Sampler DX-100 updated to v2.0 DX-200

  • Loads stereo samples
  • Loads samples and banks during playback
  • Compatible with Wavelab
  • Backup of the banks (*.dsc) with Cubase project
  • Compatible with v1.0 banks
  • Displays sample names
  • 8 outputs: 2 stereo/4 mono
  • Pan for the stereo outputs
  • Echo with feedback and pan
  • 1 LFO
  • HP/LP Resonant Filter

fxpansion DR-002 Drum Player v1.1 update

  • Output assignments saved correctly with song
  • "mute" / "cut-out" bug fixed
  • Remembers the last folder you were in, so it's easier to load samples
  • Proper installer
  • Improved memory usage

Virtual Sampler v2.0 beta 1 available for public download

GakStoar Alpha free synth plugin released

cesSynth1 v1.0 Final released for the Mac

cesSynth3 v0.1 beta released for the Mac

fxpansion release freeware DR-002 Drum Player

Retro AS-1 VST released