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News Archive for April 2000

Site News VST Instrument News

Big news today we have a new URL, www.kvr-vst.co.uk should get you here in the future :)

Also a new bank for the LM-4 from Mark Giles again, 'Drums MG' is a collection of kicks, snares & hits sampled from various breaks.

3 more drum kits and one Scratch kit:

'K-v-R db kit' (Drum & Bass ish) for DX-200, LM-4, & LM-9.

Scratch kit for DX-200 - this isn't a drum kit but a collection of scratch samples each assigned to a drum pad - created by Mandius

Xtophe's been at it again, this time creating Roland TR-707 and CR-78 kits for the SC Drums DX-200

First up we've adopted VSTi as shorthand for VST Instruments, as suggested ages ago by Stephen Gwinn

Added a VSTi MIDI Info page with MIDI Continuous Controller listings and some MixerMaps for various VSTi's. We'll endeavour to add more as we can.

And of course some new banks:

A cool electronic kit (KraftKit) from Xtophe for the SC Drums DX-200 and an excellent, classic, TR808 kit for the DX-200, LM-4, & LM-9 by Mark Giles.

Today we have a new drum kit created by Muon Software's Dave Waugh for the LM-9. I've also converted it for the LM-4 and the SC DX-200 to satisfy the majority of you.

There's also a Cubase MixerMap for the NI Pro-Five available in the Links\Utilities section courtesy of Redz0ne

Finally, I've removed the counter from the bottom of this page as its been slowing down page loads, especially in Netscape :)

Added some graphics to the links section ;)


VSamp 3 has been announced including 24 bit 96 kHz resolution [Mac]

Virtual Sampler v2.0 Professional has been updated to Release Candidate 1. Note that v2.0 now comes in two versions and only the Professional version includes the VST Instrument [PC]

LinPlug have updated GakStoar Alpha to v1.14 adding MIDI Program Change functionality [PC]

LinPlug have updated GakStoar Delta to v1.14 [PC]

cesSynth1 updated to v1.2 [Mac/PC]

  • Fixes a bug in Cubase when running more than one instance

cesSynth2 updated to v1.0 Final [Mac/PC], a $20 shareware version is also available with sample accurate sync

We've unearthed a few other VST Instruments too:

IK Multimedia SampleTank - "a sophisticated sampler/synth engine with high quality multisampled sounds" - Not released yet [Mac/PC]

Arturia Storm - A standalone virtual studio that can also be used as a VSTi, incorporating several synths & FX - A 12MB demo is available [PC]

SynC Modular v1.7+ now also functions as a VSTi, though in the demo MIDI reception in VST mode is disabled and can only be tested via the PC keyboard [PC]

cesSynth2 has been updated to v0.2 for both Mac & PC

Yet more new Instruments announced today:

Native Instruments follow up the superb Pro-Five and Reaktor with the B4, "a tonewheel organ combo, completely capturing the sound of the classic B3 organ and rotating speaker", apparently, and judging NI on past instruments this is gonna be impressive

Also, TC Works announced the Spark|Modular, "a modular synth in the tradition of old modular systems" [Mac]

Steinberg have announced Cubase VST v5.0, as I'm sure you've seen, and they mention in its features "The Universal Sound Module, a special VST instrument with over 70 MB of sound data" - Sounds Interesting :)

A new VST Instrument OnePingOnly has been released as a public beta (PC only at the moment). It's a VERY unusual sounding instrument, grab it HERE

Not an instrument but as most of you probably already know Steinberg have released some Cubase VST updates:

PC v3.72 - What's new?
Mac v4.11 - What's New?

Downloads (Cubase.net)

cesSynth2 beta v0.1 Drawbar organ simulation - PC version released, and an online manual has been posted

LinPlug have added a second bank for GakStoar Delta in their Download area

Those guys over at LinPlug never sleep :) GakStoar Alpha has been updated to v1.12 [PC]

  • 10% CPU usage reduction
  • Oscillator clicking eliminated

They have also started a free sounds page HERE

GakStoar Delta manual available from LinPlug - Get it HERE

cesSynth2 beta v0.1 Drawbar organ simulation released [Mac]

Muon Atom Pro released, an amazing sounding analogue modelled synth, a bargain at $20!! [PC]

GakStoar Alpha manual available from LinPlug - Get it HERE

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