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News Archive for April 2001

30th April 2001

LinPlug have released CronoX Sample Synthesizer, formerly known as Omega, at only $45 this could be one of the bargains of the year! [Win]and

29th April 2001

reFX have posted an MP3 demo tune of their imminent QuadraSID 6581 VSTi, and it's already been remixed, check it out here

Sonic Syndicate have updated Scorpion VSTi to v1.1, the demo version has also been updated [Win]

  • 2 new phat unison modes

Also, Greg Morlan has put together a cool Nord look skin for Scorpion, grab it here

rgcAudio have updated their site with details of a new VSTi to complement their free Triangle I.  Square I is a Performance Oriented Polyphonic Synthesizer for Windows :

  • 3 Oscillators, 9 Alias Free Waveforms each plus a Noise Generator
  • 32 voice polyphonic (CPU dependant)
  • Individual adjustment of Level, Waveform, Mode, Phase, Fine and Coarse tune and Pitch EG Intensity for each oscillator
  • Random Pitch control
  • Low/High Pass filter with resonance
  • Pitch, Filter and Amplifier dedicated Envelope Generators, Keyboard tracking and Velocity control
  • 4 LFO's, for Pitch, Filter, Amplifier and Random Wave selector, 8 waveforms each plus Random
  • Random Wave selector, with adjustable intensity for each oscillator
  • Built-in effects: AutoPan, Chorus, Stereo Delay, Stereo Spread and Two Band Equalizer, all can be disabled to save CPU
  • Extensive MIDI implementation: Velocity, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Modulation, Breath, Sustain Sw and more
  • Easy programming layout
  • Cost $59 for the first 10 days of release, rising to $69 thereafter
  • Demo available from 1st May
ces has moved to a new domain - www.loftsoft.co.uk
!jason has posted MP3 demo songs of REBEL VSTi, due to enter public beta testing in a few days
Native Instruments have posted some mouth watering Screenshots and product information about Reaktor 3.0 and Absynth

Creamware have posted new info about Volkszämpler : [Win & Mac]

  • Stereo sampling with resampling function
  • 32-bit and 96 kHz support
  • Import/export formats: Akai S1000 & S3000, SoundFont 2, WAV, AIFF, STS
  • Extensive editing options, incl. deluxe graphical sample editor
  • Keygroup editing, velocity-switch, velocity-crossfade
  • Resonant filters and a versatile modulation matrix
  • Multi mode with 16 programs, 16 MIDI channels
  • Program pool for 999 programs, 128 selectable via MIDI program change
  • Stereo out, stereo sample editor out, 6 individual outputs
  • Sample-precise timing during sequence playback
  • 32 stereo voices per Volksz´┐Żmpler; multiple instances can be used at one time; the total number of achievable voices depends upon the performance of the host computer
26th April 2001

Steinberg have been busy, Cubase VST 5.0r4 Final has been released for Windows and 5.0r1 PB1 (Public Beta) has been released for MacOS!

Win » Mac »
24th April 2001

It seems there was a minor bug in yesterdays LM-9 Edit v3 release, a new version has been uploaded so please download it again!

Added a MIDI Continuous Controller Screenshot for ppd's Tritium to the MIDI section, thanks to Horse!

Bank Blow-Out - Episode 3....
(You can now rate all the banks in the Banks & Patches section)

Instrument   Bank/Kit Download Author Email / Homepage
LM-9 » BSE Kit Barking Spider Electronics
Reaktor » FX-Darkstar-Sunbeam Lightwave
RM F » JV Perc 1 Gilbert Poliquin
Tritium » Tri One SA Stefan Andersson
Tritium » Tri Two SA Stefan Andersson
Sonic Syndicate are now shipping Scorpion at a special 1 week only introductory price of $39
reFX have given their site a makeover and added a Development Status section to keep us all informed of QuadraSID 6581 and TBL's development!
23rd April 2001

Bank Blow-Out - Episode 2....

Instrument   Bank/Kit Download Author Email / Homepage
RM F » Kick 'n' Snare 1 Mark Giles
RM F » JV Rock 1 Gilbert Poliquin
RM F » LinnDrum BizarreBoy
Reaktor » 5 dance Leads Lightwave
Reaktor » JP-9094 J.Knocker
Reaktor » Fat MiniMoog J.Knocker
PPG Wave 2.V » DocT2 DocT
JX220 » SA Bank Three Stefan Andersson
JX220 » SA Bank Four Stefan Andersson

We've also got a bunch of VSTi profiles for the Kenton SE MIDI Controller, thanks to Peter Light.  There are profiles for :

  • BitHeadz Retro AS-1
  • LinPlug Gakstoar Delta
  • Muon Atom Pro
  • Muon Electron
  • NI B4
  • NI Pro-52
  • reFX TBL
  • Steinberg Model-E
  • TC|Works Mercury-1
  • Waldorf D-Pole (FX)
  • Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V

Tom Leppkes has released a new version of LM-9 Edit! Version 3 adds a couple of nifty new features :

  • Normalise samples function
  • Cut leading zero samples function
  • Selectable directsound output
22nd April 2001

Cakewalk Sonar has been updated to v1.01! [Win DXi Host]

FXpansion have released VST-DX Adapter 3.0 in both Standard and Lite versions [Win VSTi Host]

  • Allows VST Effects plug-ins to be used transparently as DX plug-ins in
    any DX application
  • Allows VSTi's to be used transparently as DXi's in any DXi-enabled application, with no added latency and no loss of timing accuracy
  • Supports full automation via DX8 Envelopes, DXi NRPN's, and automation from external MIDI control surfaces (tweak your filters in real-time from a PC1600, PhatBoy, Drehbank etc.).
  • Uses almost no CPU (<0.5% for effects, 1-2% for synths depending on MIDI load, 500MHz P3)
  • Costs just $60.00
  • Lite Edition (for effects only, no DX8 automation) also available - ideal for users of Vegas, Samplitude, Cool Edit, etc.
  • A downloadable demo will be available soon.
21st April 2001

ppd have updated Tritium to v4.2, they've also renamed Nebulosa to Nebulosa K2 and posted lots of new info [Win]

Tritium :

  • New Band limited K2 Oscillator - Gives an Alias Free High Quality Sound
  • Unnecessary SySex messages removed

studioinabox have posted some useful video tutorials in Real Video format :

  • How to manually install VST Instruments (Windows)
  • Introduction to VST Instruments with Cubase
  • Selecting VST Instrument programs
20th April 2001

Sonic Syndicate have released a VSTi version of one of Orion Pro's internal synths - Plucked String [Win]

  • Physical modelled plucked string synth
  • ADR Envelope
  • Stereo widen mode
  • Costs $9.95
BitHeadz recently updated the Mac version of Retro AS-1 to v2.1.2 adding VSTi functionality!

GMedia have posted a v2.07 updated DLL for M-Tron (Windows version), which fixes the 'missing notes' problem some users have experienced!

Arturia have released Windows and Mac demo versions of the forthcoming v1.5 release of Storm, though the VST functionality's have been disabled in the demo....
17th April 2001

IK have finally released the much anticipated SampleTank Demo! It's available for both Windows & MacOS and includes 16 demo instruments. However, be prepared for a long wait if you are on a 56k connection, the downloads are over 14MB each!

There are 3 versions available to buy :

  • SampleTank DJ - $249
    - 200 top-quality sounds
    - 2 CDs - 880 MB of samples
    - 24 loop banks (more than 500 loops)
    - 143 synth and electronic sounds
    - 35 acoustic and electric sounds
    - Plays only the included sounds
  • SampleTank L - $249
    - 200 top-quality sounds
    - 2 CDs - 1.1 GB of samples
    - 42 orchestral sounds
    - 40 electric sounds
    - 54 acoustic sounds
    - 65 electronic synth sounds and loops
    - Plays only the included sounds
  • SampleTank XL - $499
    - More than 450 top-quality sounds
    - 4 CDs - 2.5 GB of samples + AKAI® converter
    - 82 orchestral sounds
    - 77 electric sounds
    - 96 acoustic sounds
    - 199 electronic sounds
    - Plays all native and converted sounds
16th April 2001

rgcAudio have updated Triangle I to v1.003 [Win]

We've also added a MIDI CC Screenshot thanks to René

Psycle has been updated to v1.5 beta 2 r3 with a whole raft of fixes and new features including MIDI Input - Check out the full list and download it HERE [Win Host]
14th April 2001

rgcAudio have entered the VSTi arena with the release of Triangle I, a free Performance Oriented Monophonic Synth VSTi for Windows. Their web site doesn't contain any info about Triangle I yet, this will be updated in the next few days, until then you can download it directly HERE

  • 2 Oscillators with multiple waveforms
  • Pitch, Filter and Amp envelope generators with velocity, scaling and amplitude controls
  • 3 LFOs
  • Portamento
  • Multi-mode filter with resonance
  • Noise generator
  • Oscillators, filter and amplifier controllable by Aftertouch, mod wheel and velocity
  • Stereo spread
  • Echo
  • Extensive MIDI implementation: Portamento on/off, time, volume, Aftertouch, sustain switch, modulation, pitchbend, breath, velocity, cutoff, resonance, detune, transpose, osc1wave, osc2wave, delay level and a lot more
  • Three keying modes: Fingered, High note priority legato, Full legato
  • Many features can be disabled to save CPU
  • Outstanding look with wooden surround by Matthys L.C. van Amsterdam (Alterex)
  • It's FREE!
  • Direct Download HERE
12th April 2001

Sonic Syndicate have released a demo version of their new, soon to be released, VSTi synth - Scorpion [PC]

  • 2 oscillators
  • Up to 4 note polyphonic (Selectable 1 - 4 voices)
  • 1 LFO (Can Modulate OSC2's Pitch and/or VCF)
  • 2 ADSR Envelopes
  • Ring Modulation
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Glide (2 types - Constant Rate & Constant Time)
  • Age option (Set the Synth's Age to either New, 10, 20, or 30 years old - this effects the pitch and filter stability!)
  • Price TBA

They've also updated Orion Pro to v2.2, for a list of fixes and new features visit their site [PC Host]

Steinberg have released yet another Cubase VST Public beta - v5.0 r4 PB6 [PC Host]


11th April 2001

Bank Blow-Out - Episode 1....

Instrument   Bank/Kit Download Author Email / Homepage
LM-9 » Dynamo Drums Lotuz
LM-9 » 2 Step Mind Corrosive
LM-9 » Ambient Mind Corrosive
LM-9 » ElectroAcoustic Mind Corrosive
LM-9 » TekStep Mind Corrosive
Virtual Sampler » VST Samples Walter Junior
PPG Wave 2.V » Ultimate Mind Corrosive
Electron » Octal (Logic Format *.pst) B.i.T
Vibra 6000 » CyberLogicPro Vibra6000
Vibra 9000 » CyberLogicPro Vibra9000
JX220 » SA Bank 2 Stefan Andersson
If you have had trouble downloading from the JXPlugins site, the problem
has now been fixed. The new demo, update and sound banks should all be
available, and expect some new sound banks to be added in the next few
10th April 2001

Zerodecibel has posted a whopping 42MB LM-4 Drum Kit (25MB ZIPed)!! Get it HERE

9th April 2001

ArGuru has updated Freebase VST [PC Host]

  • Added splash-screen
  • VSTi process() calls bug fix
  • Fixed VSTi multi output plugs: Waldorf Attack works now
  • Much less memory usage
  • Fixed GDI bugs
  • Download - Developers FTP | Our Mirror

Due to the incredible popularity of mda Piano mda's web space providers have disabled the accounts the files were on, mistaking them for warez!!

» Temporary mda Piano download «

Audionaut have updated Fresh Killed Beat to v1.2 [PC]

  • Copy/Paste functionality
  • Midi controlled parameters
  • Removed clipping sounds
  • Pan bug fixed
  • Strange alias noise removed

VSamp has been updated to v3.1.4 [Mac]

  • Fixed compatibility problem with VSamp VST and Logic under Mac OS 9.1
  • Fixed problem whereby VSamp VST window expands after registration dialogue

JXPlugins have updated JXSynth to v1.2 and given their site a makeover with a new user area for sound banks and demo songs [PC]

  • Full Anti-Aliasing Oscillators
  • Setup Control
  • DeadZone (Control centring)
7th April 2001

The winning name in the reFX Name SID competition is QuadraSID 6581, suggested by Guido Ranft and Evan. Guido got there first and wins a copy of reFX's TBL and of course QuadraSID itself, Evan also gets a QuadraSID! [PC]

www.quadrasid.com will now also get you to reFX's site.

SynC Modular development may have stopped since Dr SynC joined Native Instruments but there's still a new update out for Win & BeOS - v2.08.004

  • New - Polyphonic mode init for Z^-1 modules
  • Fixed - Alt not working for some knobs
  • Fixed - VST mode file name mess
  • Fixed - Some errors in RampOsc
  • Fixed - Error on sync feedback loop in certain cases
  • Fixed - Big values causing crash in numeric display
  • Fixed - Error in Sampler module

Another day another Cubase Public beta.... 5.0r4PB5 is out [PC Host]

We've got lots of new banks to post, thanks to everyone who's sent them in over the last few weeks, they'll be posted in the coming week, workload permitting ;)
6th April 2001

LinPlug have updated their Omega public beta to v0.96

5th April 2001

Freebase VST is a new open source VSTi Sequencer project for Windows, created by ArGuru. Version 1.0 is available for download and the full source code is also available for anyone interested in getting involved with improving and adding to the feature set [Win Host]

  • Open Source Sequencer project - feature development and modification encouraged
  • Full source code available for download
  • Supports VSTi only - no audio or external MIDI tracks
  • Supports VST FX

mda have released the Mac version of mda Piano! The Windows version has also been updated to v1.1 fixing Windows 2000 compatibility [Mac & Win]

Download : Mac | Win

Another new Public Beta of Cubase has been released. v5.0r4PB4 fixes a few minor issues [Win Host]

4th April 2001

Waldorf have started shipping Attack, their new VSTi Percussion Synth. It's initially available in Germany for €152.88(Euro) with the US, and presumably everyone else, following in a couple of weeks!

BombThatBeat has been updated again to v1.04.04 fixing a bug that mainly occurs in Nuendo [Win]

  • Fixed - When moving parts in an arrangement while BombThatBeat was playing, Nuendo crashes.
1st April 2001

Here's news of yet another new VSTi, this time Organ One from Bojo software, which is, unsurprisingly, an Organ [Win]

  • 16 voice polyphonic
  • 9 drawbars/oscillators in each voice
  • LFO with 8 different waveforms (incl. random)
  • Stereo FX
  • Several MIDI-controllers implemented
  • Costs $25
  • Demo available

BombThatBeat has been updated to 1.04.02 [Win]

  • Interpolation of Waves (Anti-Aliasing) when transposing
  • Preset handling
  • Pre-listening/Auditioning
  • Crossfades between steps and patterns (Eliminating clicks)
  • More realistic scratch function

Due to hosting problems reFX have relocated to a new URL - www.refx.net, though the old URL, www.refx.de, will still work for now, the new one should be used and all email should be directed to the .net address.

Cakewalk/12 Tone's new flagship audio workstation software Sonar is now shipping [Win DXi Host]
Live Update have launched a new site to promote Live Synth Pro DXi, a time limited demo of which is included with Sonar [Win]