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News Archive for May 2001

31st May 2001

Congratulations can finally go to the two winners of our FruityLoops competition!! Malik Martin is the lucky winner of the Full version and Alfredo Vargas gets a Pro copy!

30th May 2001

!jasonsynth have released some info and a Screenshot of another new Windows VSTi they are developing - Galaxy Advanced Tone Generator, read more...

27th May 2001

SpeedSoft have released a public pre beta version of their new VSTi - VX7 Virtual FM Tone Generator, for Windows. Check out a Screenshot HERE.

26th May 2001

rgcAudio have updated Square I to v1.1

  • A bank now holds 64 presets instead of 32
  • A new MODE added to all oscillators: Fixed frequency. COARSE control extends to +-48 semitones when FIXED mode is selected
  • Two FM (frequency modulation) modes added to OSC2 Mode selector and Osc graphics
  • New presets
  • Enhanced Voice Allocation Engine
  • Low pass and High pass filter for delay effect. Feedback knob now doubles as Delay Cutoff (<0.5 HPF, >0.5 LPF)
  • New MIDI controllers
  • All parameters can be controller via MIDI now as a custom NRPN
  • Random patch generator: left click on the Square I logo for a new patch, right click on it for a new patch with COARSE1 ~ 3 set to 0.
  • 4 new Pitch Bend Modes: Asymetric (-12, +n), High note, Low note, Hold notes.
  • Bug fixed: interpolator of OSC3 when transposing to high values.
  • Bug fixed: step knobs doesn't show the real values, particularly transpose.
  • Bug fixed: wrong attack value on repeated notes with slow attack values.
We've added a MIDI CC Screenshot of NI's B4 to the MIDI section, thanks again to Yug!
25th May 2001
Sonic Syndicate have updated Plucked String to v1.5 adding Strength and Filter controls making it more capable of bass sounds, demo and MP3's are available and the price has gone up to $15 [Win VSTi]
!jasonsynth Rebel VSTi has been updated to v1.2.0.8 [Win VSTi]
Something else we missed, ArGuru/Smart Electron:x free Aodix tracker now supports VST Instruments, Aodix Pro Beta 2 has also just been released [Win VSTi Host]
24th May 2001
I'm back from holiday so on with business as usual, lots of news to catch up with so here goes with a summary, deep breath.....
ruction is a new Sample Sequencer VSTi for Windows, v0.72 Beta is available for testing and feedback.
!jasonsynth have released Rebel VSTi for Windows at an introductory offer of €99. Currently on version, a demo version is available.

Roland are to release a VSTi version of their Virtual Sound Canvas (VSC-MP1) as well as the previously announced DXi version, according to their Japanese site anyway. The VSTi will be available for both Windows and Mac!

reFX released the QuadraSID 6581 demo and also updated it to v1.1
Bitheadz Unity DS-1 for Windows v2.1 has been released, adding DXi support, v2.1.3 for MacOS offers VST & RTAS formats.
FruityLoops v3.11 update was released (DXi support, Cyrix problems solved, project browser) [Win DXi Host]
neXoft updated the Mac version of LoopAZoid to v1.2a, fixing a major bug when saving samples!

Steinberg released Cubase VST 5.0r5PB2 [Win] & 5.0r1PB2 [Mac]

5.0r5PB1 wasn't released publicly, officially anyway.....

Win » Mac »
Another Psycle Beta has been released, v1.5b3 has lots of bug fixes and enhancements including a new VST host [Win VSTi Host]
Monty has released another skin for Sonic Syndicate's Scorpion VSTi, check out the new Dune Bug skin HERE
15th May 2001
LiveSynth Pro DXi has been updated to v1.1
SpeedSoft have released v2.6 Final of Virtual Sampler, including a DXi version! Full version notes are available HERE! [Win]
DirectiXer is a shareware DirectX - VST wrapper that allows VST Plugins and Instruments to be used in DirectX applications, like FXpansion's VST-DX Wrapper. Read more here... [Win]

Before I go on holiday, some banks.....

Instrument   Bank/Kit Download Author Email / Homepage
LM-4 » MDM Distorted Kit MDM
Reaktor » Modularis J.Knocker
Electron » BIT Octal B.i.T
(B.i.T's previously posted Logic bank converted to Cubase format by Dave from Muon Software)
All SC Drums » C78 All by Rémy Muller
  MC303 Jazz Chamical
  Metal Industrial
  Minimal House
  Real & Tabla
  Trip Dry
New tutorial - How to load Cubase banks into Logic Mac

Also added some new MIDI CC Screenshots to the MIDI Info section, thanks to Yug! (Atom Pro, Electron, JX220, JXSynth, Neon)

Monty has released Vintage Blu, a skin for Sonic Syndicates Scorpion
14th May 2001

reFX have released QuadraSID 6581 at a special introductory price of $30, rising to $60 after 21st May. Initially available for Windows the MacOS version is to follow shortly!

FruityLoops has been updated to v3.11 [Win VSTi & DXi Host]

neXoft have updated LoopAZoid to v1.2, both Windows and Mac versions:

Kuniox have released an update for AIFFPlayer, read about the changes:

11th May 2001

Sonic Syndicate have updated Scorpion again, to v1.2, fixing a bug that occurred when more than 1 Scorpion was used in a project at the same time [Win VSTi]

Waldorf have now posted a Mac v1.01 update for Attack (The Windows update was released 3 days ago)

TC PowerCore VST/MAS DSP Card is now shipping! Read more at the TC|Work's site
10th May 2001

Cakewalk Sonar fully functioning 30 day trial version is available for download. It's a cut down version without any DXi, MIDI FX, or DirectX 8 plugin effects, an add-on pack containing some of these should be available tomorrow! [Win DXi Host]

9th May 2001

Native Instruments have released a v2.2 update for Pro-52, Windows and Mac versions:

Steinberg have Drum Maps for Waldorf's Attack on their FTP, you can download them HERE

I've mirrored them on our server, so if you can't access the link above try HERE

8th May 2001
Waldorf have released a v1.01 update for the Windows version of Attack, grab it direct from their FTP Server HERE
Traxmusic have posted an interview with Michael Kleps from reFX

n-Track Studio has been updated to v2.3 [Win Host]

  • Track grouping
  • VSTi Channels

Sonic Syndicate have updated Orion Pro to v2.3 [Win Host]

  • View/Time shows current song time or measure
  • 32-Bit WAVE files supported in Audio tracks
  • Assign MIDI controllers to VSTi's using the system menu
  • Load/Save effect presets using the system menu as well
  • Set loop points now directly via playlist
  • Knob tweaks can now be undone. Also, pattern+song automation is undoable
  • Whenever a stereo wave file is not supported the file is automatically converted to mono
  • Multitimbral VSTi's now work when played via MIDI kb on another channel than #1
  • New effect added, Echo/Retrigger (FX Insert)
Emagic are shipping EVP88 [Win & Mac]
7th May 2001

rgcAudio have updated Square I to v1.002, the demo has also been updated [Win]

  • Fixed a bug when reopening the editor under Cubase
Nenad Siskov has updated LM-4 Drum Kit Editor to v1.600, fixing Windows 2000 compatibility issues [Win]
6th May 2001

Arturia have released the v1.5 update to Storm, for both Win & Mac, it's got loads of new features including better VST support!

3rd May 2001

Big Tick have updated Rainbow VST to v2.2, they've also released a couple of new free VST plugins - Dual delay (Stereo dual delay with low-pass resonant filter) and Nasty Shaper (Experimental wave-shaping distortion), and updated Hexaline to v2.0 [All Windows only]

  • Fixed some nasty clicks
  • Performance improvements
SpeedSoft have released v2.6 Beta of Virtual Sampler with many new features and fixes, check them out HERE [Win]
Waldorf have posted a 'Programming Drum Sounds' guide for Attack, get it direct HERE (It's in PDF format)
1st May 2001

The PC version of Reaktor 3.0 is now shipping, with the Mac version to follow in a few weeks!

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