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News Archive for June 2000

Site News VST Instrument News

We've changed the site a bit today to make it the same for both Internet Explorer and Netscape users, incidentally, Netscape is a right pain in the arse to design for when using CSS and layers :( Anyone using anything older than a v4 browser will not be able to access the rest of the site as it uses layers extensively, sorry.

If you find anything displays oddly please let us know, especially if you access the site using a Mac, as we don't have access to one to test with.

Netscape users: The main pages will display incorrectly if you resize the window after the page has loaded, to fix it reload the page!

OK, on to some VSTi content:

We've added a VSTi Hosts section to the Links page, if you know of any hosts that are not listed please let us know!

r.u.sirius has provided us with 2 new kits for the LM-4

and also drum maps for his last 5 kits:

We've also updated the ASIO Latency Survey, if you use a card that's not mentioned yet please send us your latency info!

Lots of new drum kits today:

5 kits created from sounds in the Korg X5DR sound module, for the LM-4, by Lotuz

1 kit for FXpansion's DR-005 from The McCann's

Simon Millward from PC-Publishing has supplied us with an excellent 64 patch bank for the Pro-Five, plenty of pads and basses to keep you going.

CMccar5150 (Real name? ) has sent us 5 kits for FXpansion's DR-005, these are packaged in 2 Zip's as Hip Hop (3 Kits) and Standard (GM, 2 Kits)

There was a problem with the Muon Atom Pro bank posted on 6-6-00, it is in fact a bank for the Atom and not the Atom Pro, an Atom Pro version will be posted shortly!

Added the MIDI CC list for Virtual Sampler 2

Some treats for you today, a 16 patch bank for the Muon Atom Pro and 32 patch bank for Model-E, both created by Simon Millward from PC-Publishing, author of the 'Fast Guide to Cubase VST'

We've also added the MIDI CC's for A0 Digital Audio's DK1 and DK-Lite to the MIDI Info page

Added a MIDI CC listing for the Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V (Thanks Lotuz)

The initial ASIO survey results are posted HERE

Cubase.net have posted the VSTi banks from the winners of their PPG Wave competition

Arturia have a new module available for their Storm Virtual Studio - The Bass 52 bass guitar [PC]

LoopAZoid has been updated, fixing problems with pan settings not being saved correctly, thanks to 'manytone' for pointing this out [PC]

JXSynth is now available for purchase online from JXPlugins

Native Instruments are changing the name of the Pro-Five to Pro-52, and adding the following features:

  • Shows preset names within the plugin
  • Amount of analog inaccuracy freely adjustable
  • MIDI-syncable effects unit for chorus, flanging and echo
  • Input for external audio signals
  • Fully compatible with Prophet-5 MIDI SysEx program data
  • Stand-alone operation with ASIO, Sound Manager, MME or DirectSound
  • Available from late July
  • Screenshot @ Cubase.net

A0 Digital Audio have released DK1 Tweaker, a utility that allows you to increase the polyphony of the DK1 up to 128 voices, and optionally force all three stereo outputs to the first stereo bus, improving the compatibility of DK1 with Logic Audio and n-Tracks [PC]

SpeedSoft Virtual Sampler has been updated to v2.1 - check out the list of new features and bug fixes!! [PC]

  • New VSTi including the complete functionality of the external editor, which is now fully separated from the VSTi
  • Import of Akai S-3000 CD's and Akai ZIP discs
  • Number of maximum possible voices raised to 64 stereo voices
  • Number of maximum possible layers per split raised to 64 (stacked splits)
  • Buttons for direct access of SF2- and Akai-import
  • Import of selected sounds from an SF2 bank
  • Import of selected sounds now allows multiselect (WAV, SF2, AKAI)
  • Context-menu for presets and multis (right mousekey)
  • Multiselect in split editor (Ctrl+mouse), useful with stereo-samples and/or stacked splits
  • Vertical resizing of the mixer window possible
  • Plugin processing now in stereo
  • Fixed split editor problem with more than 8 splits
  • Fixed import preset problem ("List Index out of Bounds")
  • Fixed clicks in DX7 emulator
  • Fixed import of SF2 and Akai-CD (rootkey, detune)
  • Fixed "Move Preset" by Drag'n'Drop
  • Fixed error in Analog Synth if "Noise" waveform used
  • Applying of plugin properties with checked "Change All Splits" now works
  • MIDI Thru now works (stand-alone version)
  • Fixed error with Multi - output selection
  • Split drumloop-mode (phrase sampler) adjustable for complete preset
JXPlugins have released a demo version of their forthcoming JXSynth VSTi, due for release on Friday 23rd June [PC]
  • 2 variable waveform (Sine,Triangle, Saw, Pulse) Oscillators
  • 2 Pole resonant Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Stop digital IIR filter
  • LFO with note/beat/tempo synchronisation
  • Two Oscillator combine methods
  • Unison with additional Spread Control
  • Midi driven Modulation, Pitch Bend, Volume, Velocity and Filter Cutoff
  • 32 Polyphonic channels
  • 32 program banks per synth
  • Costs $39.99
Muon have updated their Tau Bassline to v1.01, fixing a bug in the timing algorithms. Grab it HERE [PC]

S.T.E.I.N.B.E.R.C.H have added a new LM-4 kit to their site featuring synth samples from the Access Virus B, get it HERE

Ces has updated cesSynth's 1, 2, & 5 [PC]

  • Fixed problems running under Windows 2000 (All)
  • Significant performance improvements (cesSynth2)

FXpansion have released v2.1 of their VST Adapter improving support for using VSTi's in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.x and SEK'D Samplitude 5.x

Big Tick Software have finally released their excellent new VSTi synth Rainbow (v1.6.3) [PC]

  • 1-4 Oscillators per voice (Selectable - sine, saw, square, triangle, noise)
  • 16 Voices (CPU dependant)
  • LFO
  • Distortion
  • APDSR Envelopes (OSC, Pitch, Filter) (Attack/Peak/Decay/Sustain/Release)
  • 4x4 FM & AM matrix
  • Selectable LPF or HPF
  • Fully customisable MIDI controllers
  • Costs �70 (Euros), demo available
neXoft Software have released LoopAZoid a free VSTi Drum Sampler, check out these specs [PC]
  • 64 Stereo Voices
  • 48 channels!
  • 8 outputs (4 stereo pairs)
  • 3 mute groups
  • Forward & Reverse sample playback
  • Free!
n-Track Studio has been updated to v2.1.4 and adds VSTi support. If you don't already know it's a multitrack recording and editing studio for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and costs only $39 ($59 24 bit support)

SynC Modular v1.75 Beta released, get it HERE [PC] or HERE [BeOS]

  • BeOS preview version available
  • Improved output precision in VST2 mode
  • Fixed some kernel issues
  • Fixed a bug in A^x module
  • Fixed inputs/outputs edit undos and redraws
  • Fixed program crash upon deleting some modules during playback

SpeedSoft's Virtual Sampler has been updated to v2.01 already, get it HERE [PC]

  • Integrated DX7 speeded up by factor 3.5
  • New skin 'Ed!son style' included
  • Fixed bug with hanging or interrupted voices in DirectX mode (didn't appear in ASIO mode or VSTi)
  • Fixed problems with ASIO mode playback
  • Fixed minor graphic bug in VSTi
  • Fixed missing sound output if wrong multi output device assigned

FXpansion have posted 4 kits for their DR-005 Drum Sampler

A0 Digital Audio have finally released their DK1 Drum Machine [PC]

  • 16 Drum Pads
  • 4 Mute Groups
  • 32 bit internal resolution
  • 3 analog-sounding compressors
  • 3 separate stereo outputs
  • Most parameters can be controlled via both VST events and MIDI
  • MIDI velocity re-mapper
  • Cross-velocity support
  • Gentle LPF sensible to MIDI velocity
  • 24 voices polyphony
  • Built-in audio meters
  • Low CPU usage
  • Supplied with Drum Kits
  • Costs only �50 (Euros)

They've also released a free version, the DK-Lite, that loses many of the DK1's features but does include:

  • 16 Drum Pads
  • 1 Mute Group
  • 2 Drum Kits (808 & Acoustic)

Ces has updated cesSynth2 to v1.1 [Mac & PC]

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Optimised algorithms

VSamp 3.0 Beta 1 released [Mac]

  • Major rewrite to update interface and program control for future Mac OS
  • New floating envelope window
  • Separate envelope for each sample, if desired
  • Play a sample with no enveloping
  • Up to 4 samples sharing same MIDI Channel/Note/Velocity combination
  • Support for 24-bit/96 kHz samples (VST and program) and output (VST only)
  • Added 'Insert Row' and 'Delete Row' commands for instrument and bank windows
  • Added ability to load an instrument directly
  • New VST interface for better compatibility with Logic
  • Louder output for samples panned centre with more even response across panorama
  • More natural velocity response
  • Removed 'HiQ' switch in bank (always on)
  • Removed 'pitch bend' setting in bank (set in instrument)

LinPlug have released Rupsta Gamma Drum Sampler

  • 11 Instruments/channels
  • 24 Voice Polyphony
  • Supports all standard wav files (8-32 Bit, 4-96kHz)
  • Stereo & 6 mono outputs
  • Attack-Hold-Decay (AHD) envelope for both volume & pitch
  • Samples can be layered
  • Mute & Solo for every instrument
  • Costs only $35

The AHD envelope control of the pitch is a very cool feature and lends itself to creative drum patterns, go and try the demo HERE

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