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News Archive for June 2001

28th June 2001

VSamp has been updated to v3.2.1 [MAC VSTi]

  • Fixed: Keys in keyboard window were sticking when using computer keyboard
  • Floating windows now hide when VSamp is moved to background

It's Public Beta number 5 for FXpansion's DR-008, once again featuring many bug fixes and new features including the Drum Deploy sequencer, sign up for the beta here... [Win VSTi]

ArGuru has updated Aodix to v1.7 [Win VSTi Host]
27th June 2001

New Cubase releases:
Steinberg have released Cubase VST 5.0r1 Final for MacOS and a new Public Beta 5.0r6PB2 for Windows

MacOS 5.0r1 Windows 5.0r6PB2
Studio In A Box have posted part one of their HALion review, featuring a general intro and a look at the streaming features. Read more...
26th June 2001

reFX have updated TBL to v1.4 [Win VSTi]

  • New button : pan/basis (on/off). When switched on every note will invert the panning. When switched off the panning knob will simply set the pan in the stereo field
  • Two waveforms (dirty-saw and dirty-pulse) had an DC-offset which has now been removed
25th June 2001

neXoft LoopAZoid has been updated to v1.21 for both MacOS and Windows

  • Now compatible with MIDI controllers CC7 and CC10 for setting master volume & master pan. Allows setting volume & pan from Cubase's MIDI track mixer.
rgcAudio have posted an MP3 demo track created using a TR-909 and their Square I, listen to it here... [Win VSTi]
ArGuru has updated Aodix to v1.64 [Win VSTi Host]
24th June 2001

Mididoc have released Sampler Instruments Vol.1, the first in a series of HALion format sample CD's. Read more here...

The SamplerChan pre-release demo has been updated to v1.3 [Win VSTi]

  • Font fixes
  • Fixed a small discrepancy in the import of SoundFont samples
  • Now plays when window is closed
  • Fixed Orion compatibility issues
  • Fixed modulation of pitch and level with joystick
23rd June 2001

Some patches and a drum kit:

22nd June 2001

AudioSynth 006 is a new free Windows VSTi from Jørgen Aase, the creator of Massiva (VSTi Host - see June 18th news). It's actually been around since February but the latest version, released today, adds VSTi support as well as native Massiva support:

  • Multi-timbral polyphonic sample player
  • Supports SoundFonts
  • Can split and layer WAV's in 8 programs
  • Samples have individual Portamento/Glide
  • 3 filter modes
  • Distortion
  • Most parameters can be controlled by 2 envelopes, 1 LFO, a beat generator, a random generator and any control change message
The pre release demo of SamplerChan has been updated to v1.2 fixing two font display problems. Download here... [Win VSTi]
We missed the release of LiveUpdate's LiveSynth Pro SE DXi Demo version a few days ago! Download here... [Win DXi]
21st June 2001
FXpansion DR-008 Public Beta 4 has been released, lots of new features and bug fixes - things are looking good! Join the beta program here...
ArGuru has updated Phantom to v1.3 - fixing a velocity bug, Aodix has also been updated to v1.61
Big Tick have released a new bank of sounds for RainbowVST. Download the 'Experiment' Bank here...
20th June 2001

Block 4 have updated Microcomputer to v1.02, fixing some minor bugs [Win VSTi]

TraXmusic have posted an interview with Dave Waugh from Muon software
19th June 2001

rgcAudio have updated Square I to v1.2, the demo and manual have also been updated [Win VSTi]

  • PWM added to the 3 oscillators with individual depth control
  • Can now hold 6 banks of 128 presets each (768 total presets), with MIDI program/bank change support
  • Program Banks can be changed from main screen
  • 192 Top Quality Factory Presets
  • Preset selection by right clicking main screen. Ctrl-right click to get a scrollable menu (lo-res mode)
  • New MIDI controllers (PWM section)
  • Midi controller 32 (LFO1 Shape) relocated to 61. Controller 32 is now assigned to bank change
  • Sound Preview (click on bottom ribbon)

Steinberg's HALion Sampler is now shipping, nuff said [Win & Mac VSTi]

Steinberg have also released a new Windows Public Beta of Cubase - 5.0r6PB1

Phantom is a new, free, 4-Operator multimode FM VSTi from Smart Electron:x - ArGuru, it's still a GUI-less beta and is included in the ZIP file with the latest version of Aodix, which has been updated to v1.6. More info... [Win VSTi]
Regarding yesterdays announcement of CM-101, we can confirm that the guts of this synth was created by Muon Software, so we should be assured of some quality meatiness. CM Issue 36 will be available from 12th July....
18th June 2001

Check this out....!!!

Computer Music, a UK based magazine, are giving away a new free VSTi on the cover CD of their next issue (Issue 36) - CM-101 looks great but who's it made by? Here are the specs:

  • PolySynth (selectable to 16 voices)
  • Two oscillators
  • Resonant LP filter
  • Two ADSR
  • Single LFO
  • Saw, Square, Triangle and Sin waveforms
  • Responds to Velocity, Pitch Bend and MIDI CC's
  • Windows & MacOS versions

VSamp has been updated to v3.2 [Mac VSTi]

  • Added importing of SampleCell 2.x and SoundFont 2 samples and instrument keymaps
  • Added on screen keyboard for triggering samples by mouse or computer keyboard
  • Increased samples per instrument to 128
  • Added controllable amplitude modulation by note-on velocity and MIDI controller #11
  • Added commands to register VSamp and VSamp VST
  • Minor interface changes and bug fixes
Native Instruments Absynth demo is now available, Mac only of course, us Windows users are just gonna have to drool...... Grab the demo here
Massiva is a shareware VSTi host, VSTi hosting capability was added to it in February but has just been brought to our attention thanks to Osofaux [Win VSTi Host]
17th June 2001

SamplerChan is a new VSTi sampler for Windows, it's still under development but a pre-release demo version is available for download to try out and suggest improvements to!

Highlights include:

  • Explorer style access to samples
  • Quick looping and trimming of samples including crossfades
  • Full SoundFont, WAV and AIFF compatibility up to 32-bit float
  • Unlimited pitch and velocity switching and crossfading
  • Innovative and incredibly flexible synth with over 100 modulation routings - simultaneously!
  • Fully synched Rhythm controls allow almost unlimited arpeggiators, grooves and loops
  • Loop slicing allowing accurate sync of loops to host
  • Incredible possibilities for 'playing' loops
  • Freely assignable Continuous Controller setup
  • Configurable links to external wave editors
  • Demo patches will be available soon
  • Projected price $99
16th June 2001

reFX have updated QuadraSID 6581 to v1.2 [Win VSTi]

  • Fixed slow screen redraw problem

Sonic Syndicate have updated Scorpion to v1.3 [Win VSTi]

  • A new phat 30 dB filter
  • A filter inverse switch
  • New presets
  • Minor bugfixes

FXpansion's DR-008 has reached Public Beta 3. You can get DR-008 for a reduced price if you sign up for the Public Beta program at FXpansion's site [Win VSTi]

Psycle v1.5b3r5 has been released featuring numerous bug fixes and enhancements [Win VSTi Host]
15th June 2001

Steinberg have released a final version Cubase VST 5.0r5 for Windows, incidentally Cubase VST 5.0r1PB3 for MacOS has been on the Steinberg ftp for a few days now without an official release mentioned, check the ftp here....

Orion Skins have released 5 new skins for Sonic Syndicate's Scorpion VSTi and also a few work in progress Screenshots of various Orion skins...
14th June 2001

Block 4 are a new VSTi developer on the block - Microcomputer is their first release, a Subtractive Digital Synth, initially for Windows with a Mac version planned:

  • Monophonic
  • 2 oscillators with 10 digital single shot waveforms
  • 2 Ramp generators (Pitch & Amplitude)
  • Oscillator sync
  • Unique digital morphing filter
  • 10 different filter types
  • Ring modulator
  • Cost €25
  • Demo available
13th June 2001

Orion Central have posted reviews of several VSTi's including PPG, JX10, & DK1

Aodix Pro has been updated to v1.4, featuring loads of bugfixes and enhancements [Win VSTi Host]
12th June 2001

FXpansion have released the second Public Beta of DR-008, featuring over 40 fixes and enhancements and 2 new synth modules, if you haven't already signed up for the beta head over to FXpansion's site now [Win VSTi]

11th June 2001

Muon have released the Tau Pro Bass/Lead synth, initially for Windows with a Mac version to follow shortly. Don't be fooled by the Tau part of the name, it's much more than a slightly enhanced Tau, this thing squeals!! Check out these features:

  • Two 64-bit alias-free oscillators, with a choice of eleven waveforms each, plus detune and PWM (available for all waveforms)
  • Hard Sync and Ring Modulation for extra grit
  • Switchable 18db/24db/36db per octave resonant lowpass filter with EG modulation. Classic acid bassline sound!
  • Velocity-controlled Accent Feature and supersmooth Glide mode
  • Built-in Stereo FX unit with distortion, delay, chorus and flange
  • Full MIDI control

Before the end of June, Tau Pro will cost $20. Previous Muon Software customers can get an extra $5 discount using their special ordering URL during this time too. The price will go to US$ 30 at the beginning of July for everyone.

Muon have also announced the development of Positron, ideal for creating huge bass, lead and pad sounds. This is scheduled for release in August. Features include:

  • Two 64-bit alias-free oscillators, with a choice of four waveforms each (saw, square, sine, triangle) plus detune, vibrato and PWM.
  • Hard sync for great lead sounds
  • Unison mode with glide and detune - play all 32 of the Positron's oscillators on just one key!
  • Ultrafat 24db/octave lowpass filter with EG and LFO modulation options
  • Two fast ADSR envelope generators
  • Flexible LFO with waveform selection and MIDI modulation of depth and speed via Aftertouch, modwheel and velocity
  • Built-in Stereo FX unit with distortion, delay, chorus and flange

Lastly, Muon are updating their Atom Pro & Electron synths, adding enhancements and requested features, due late August/September.

Incidentally, the Electron now ships with more than 64 brand new patches.

You can read an interview with Dave Waugh from Muon Software here at The.Plugin.List

10th June 2001

Bojo have updated both their VSTi's, Impulse and OrganOne, to v1.05 [Win VSTi]

  • Both: Now fully compatible with FruityLoops 3.11
  • Both: Pressing Ctrl when turning a knob, will change movement to "relative"
  • Both: Editor code optimized
  • Both: Bug-fix: Opening editor window in Cubase while playing, would interrupt audio
  • OrganOne: FX on/off control changed to a simple toggle

SpeedSoft are running a competition to win a full version of Virtual Sampler Professional plus the 24bit/96kHz multi-channel recording package Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP 2000 worth $575 total!

Native Instruments have updated Reaktor for Windows to v3.02 featuring numerous bugfixes and improvements
9th June 2001

SpeedSoft have released v2.65 of Virtual Sampler, check out the extensive version notes and download it HERE [Win VSTi & DXi]

Even quicker than the last one - Steinberg have released another Cubase Public Beta for Windows, only a day after the previous one - v5.0r5PB6 - 10 out of 10 for effort!! [Win VST Host] :

8th June 2001

Its competition time again!!! This time we've got 6 copies of SampleTank to give away, that's 1 copy of the top of the range SampleTank XL, and 5 copies of either SampleTank L or SampleTank DJ!

Read more in the column on the left, in case you didn't notice it....

LiveUpdate have updated LiveSynth Pro DXi to v1.2. Read the version history here...

SpeedSoft have quietly released an updated Pre Beta version of VX7, their new VSTi DX-7 emulation, you can now set the number of mixer channels
requested from the VST host, download it here... [Win VSTi]

J.Knocker is putting together a new Reaktor ensemble that "will change your way to make music"

Mechanix-6 is a drum machine with over 180 great quality samples, 6 independent filters, 1 global filter, 1 compressor, 1 EQ, and an assignable Reverb. Read more...

In possibly their quickest move yet Steinberg have released another Cubase Public Beta for Windows, only a couple of days after the previous one - v5.0r5PB5 [Win VST Host] :

7th June 2001

Dreamstation DXi has been released, read more about it and listen to MP3 demo's here

Big Tick have posted some preliminary Screenshots and information of version 3 of Rainbow VST, featuring a totally new interface and many new features. Read more here, you can let us know what you think on our forum in this thread...

6th June 2001

Zerodecibel has released a new LM-4 kit - DBK v2.1, it's a conversion from a SoundFont kit originally released by Ken Ardency

Alterex have released a new Reaktor ensemble AX-01 - "with three oscillators, 2 filter sections, a chorus and distortion effect and two boost sections this instrument will give you warm strings to heavy basslines."

Steinberg have released yet another Cubase Public Beta for Windows - v5.0r5PB4 [Win VST Host] :

5th June 2001

DSound have released RT Player LE and announced RT Player Pro, a stand alone VSTfx/VSTi host. The LE version is free but can only host DSound's VST Plugins, the Pro version costs $149 and can chain multiple VST2 plugins (fx and instruments). Both are available for Windows and MacOS!

RT Player Pro spec:

  • 100 memory locations for program
  • Max. 1 VST instrument and 49 plug-ins in program - dependant on CPU power
  • MIDI control of program, VST instrument and plug-in parameters from any MIDI controller
  • ASIO compatible in/out
  • Costs $149

Cakewalk Sonar v1.02 update released - Download from here...

ArGuru/SE Aodix Pro v1.2 update released [Win VSTi Host] - Read More...
2nd June 2001
"FXpansion DR-008 hits Public Beta - The long-awaited DR-008 is finally available (for Windows) as a Public Beta. Buy it now, and participate in the beta programme, and you will save $50.00 on the final cost of the machine. Existing DR-005 users can get DR-008 free by participating in this Public Beta programme!

DR-008 is an advanced 96-channel sampling and synthesizing drum machine, with 24-bit sample support, LM-4 kit compatibility, analog modelling synthesis and much more."

You can't say fairer than that, click here to participate!

FXpansion have also updated their VST DX Adapter to v3.01 and released a 28 day demo version [Win VSTi Host adapter]

!jasonsynth have updated Rebel VSTi to v1.2.1.0 [Win VSTi]

LinPlug have updated CronoX to v1.1 [Win VSTi]

  • Fixed: Reverse sample bug
  • Fixed: Win2k loading presets bug
  • New design
  • New feature: Now capable of Cross Modulating the Sample Oscillator by the Analogue Oscillator
  • Now includes 64 presets
  • Reworked manual
Bitheadz are having a special promotion on Retro AS-1 VST for Windows, save 50% on the normal list price of $199, until 1st August it will be available for only $100! More info...

Project One have released a new demo version of BombThatBeat, which is actually a beta of the next release version (v1.5) [Win VSTi] :

  • Compatibility problems with some other plugins fixed
  • Quantize is implemented (Only Shuffle and Rushing work in the demo)
  • 2 mono channels are now 1 stereo channel

Sonic Syndicate have updated Orion Pro to v2.4, including various bug fixes and the following new features [Win VSTi Host] :

  • Multitimbral VST Instruments can now be played on multiple tracks in the playlist.
  • Tracks in the playlist can now have different colours.
  • Sampler has 2 new functions: first its pitch can be controlled via sidechain input (thus allowing FM) and the filter envelope can be inverted now.
  • Echo/Retrigger effect has an additional de-pan control.
  • All generators and effects, including VST instruments and VST effects, can now both be automated and controlled via MIDI gear.
A new beta of Psycle is available, v1.5 Beta 3+ includes some new features, bug fixes, and a WinAmp Plugin! More info... [Win VSTi Host]

Steinberg have released another Cubase Public Beta for Windows - v5.0r5PB3 [Win VST Host] :

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