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News Archive for June 2002

30th June 2002EXS Manager v1.2 update released

29th June 2002Big Tick Ticky Clav v1.1 MacOS VSTi released

28th June 2002Native Instruments to distribute PRO-53 themselves

27th June 2002n-Track Studio v3.1.1 released

26th June 2002GMedia M-Tron v3.0 update for MacOS released

26th June 2002Green Oak Crystal v1.3 update released

24th June 2002FXpansion Skunkworks open

24th June 2002BitHeadz Unity Session v3.03 released

21st June 2002Native Instruments FM7 v1.1 released

21st June 2002FXpansion Enigmatron 'proof of concept'

21st June 2002DashSynthesis Virux Dreams v1.0 for Reaktor released

21st June 2002reFX Beast for MacOS released

21st June 2002Renoise tracker v1.0 released

19th June 2002LinPlug Free Alpha 2.0 beta 3 released

19th June 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik PRO MacOS VSTi now shipping

19th June 2002reFX Beast released

17th June 2002Native Instruments Kontakt v1.02 released

17th June 2002Scrubber updated

17th June 2002IK SampleTank FREE v1.1.9 released

17th June 2002Guitar Styles for Rhythm'n'Chords Volume #21 CALIFORNIA released

17th June 2002n-Track Studio v3.1 update released

17th June 2002LinPlug Free Alpha 2.0 beta 2 released

17th June 2002Ganymed v1.2 build 107a released

17th June 2002Pica Drum FM synthesis Drum Synth Windows VSTi released

12th June 2002DashSynthesis daMorphatone for Reaktor released

12th June 2002Bitshift Audio announces special limited time pricing for pHATmatik PRO

12th June 2002Scrubber released

12th June 2002LinPlug Free Alpha 2.0 beta 1 released

12th June 2002Vivaldi v1.2 build 105 update released for Win and MacOS

12th June 2002FXpansion DR-008 v1.11 update released

10th June 2002Virtualcreations Synthetic Bass Basic released

10th June 2002JA Machine II v1.2 released

9th June 2002Bitshift pHATmatik PRO MAC demo version released

9th June 2002Big Tick Angelina v1.1 update released

7th June 2002DashSynthesis.com releases two new SynC synths by Liqih

7th June 2002Energy PRO v1.3 released

7th June 2002Steinberg LM-4 MKII v1.1 update released for Windows and MacOS

7th June 2002FXpansion DR-008 v1.1 update released

7th June 2002LinPlug updates : [Delta v3.01, RMIII v1.22, ElementP v1.04, daOrgan v1.03]

6th June 2002AudioNerdz Delay Lama v1.1 released

5th June 2002Machine II v1.1 update released

5th June 2002AAS Lounge Lizard for MacOS released

4th June 2002Bitshift Audio pHATmatik FREE v1.1.1 update for MacOS VSTi released

4th June 2002JA Machine II VSTi released

3rd June 2002AnaMark v2.01 released

2nd June 2002Chip32 v0.04 released

2nd June 2002VOPM v0.08 for Windows

1st June 2002SynthEdit v0.59 released

1st June 2002ArGuru Aodix v2.34 released

1st June 2002Plugsound Vols 4 & 5 updated

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