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News Archive for August 2002

31st August 2002Tassman $150 off for limited time

31st August 2002MHC Space Synth v1.2 unofficial Beta

31st August 2002LinPlug daOrgan v2.0 for Mac & Win and Element P for Mac released

31st August 2002Energy PRO v1.5 released

29th August 2002Steinberg Cubase SL v1.031 released

29th August 2002Onkot: PM Percussion Synthesizer updated

29th August 2002Green Oak Crystal v1.4.1 released

29th August 2002AAS Lounge Lizard v1.01 released

29th August 2002Energy PRO v1.4 released

29th August 2002Xlutop Chainer v1.0 beta released for Windows

29th August 2002Blueshock Tsunami synth VSTi for Windows released

26th August 2002SynthEdit v0.66 released

26th August 2002VirSyn VSTi for MacOS now shipping

26th August 2002Green Oak Crystal v1.4 released

26th August 2002reFX Slayer v1.5 released

21st August 2002FXpansion VST-DX Adapter v4.0 released

21st August 2002Steinberg Cubase SL\SX v1.03 released

21st August 2002n-Track Studio v3.1.4 released

21st August 2002Spin Audio ASIO FX Processor v1.2 released

20th August 2002Steinberg PLEX Restructuring Synthesizer (by Wolfgang Palm) released

20th August 2002Native Instruments Absynth v1.3.3 update for Mac and PC released

20th August 2002Synapse Orion Pro v3.06 released

19th August 2002Sonic Foundry Acid Pro v4.0 released [Now supporting VSTis]

19th August 2002Ganymed v1.2 build 109 & Vivaldi v1.2 build 106 released

19th August 2002Axxeom Trionic v1.06 & Lupah v1.05 released

19th August 2002Synapse Junglist v3.1 released

17th August 2002Kontakt cross-grade offers

17th August 2002DashSounds add new formats

17th August 2002Renoise v1.1 released

17th August 2002VSamp v3.2.7 released

17th August 2002AnaMark v2.021 released

15th August 2002VirSyn TERA for Mac OS 9 release date

14th August 2002HispaSonic Alpha released

14th August 2002BitHeadz Unity Session v3.04 released

14th August 2002AnaMark v2.02 released

14th August 2002Massiva v1.0 released

12th August 2002AudioSynth v017 released

12th August 2002reFX Slayer released for MacOS and updated to v1.3 for Windows

12th August 2002SampleTank FREE instruments for August

9th August 2002Ganymed v1.2 build 108 released

9th August 2002Steinberg Cubase SX demo version

8th August 2002Delta SP 2002 release 6 released

8th August 2002Console Sound Modular Studio v1.01 released

8th August 2002Synapse Orion Platinum demo version released

8th August 2002Fruityloops v3.56 update released

8th August 2002VirSyn TERA v0.3 Beta Demo VSTi for MacOS released

7th August 2002LinPlug FreeAlpha v2.01 released

7th August 2002Emagic Logic v5.2 update released

7th August 2002SynthEdit v0.62 beta 4 released

7th August 2002Axxeom Trollo v0.01 released + Lupah & Trionic updated

6th August 2002n-Track Studio v3.1.3 released

6th August 2002Onkot: PM Percussion Synthesizer released

4th August 2002Sonic Syndicate now Synapse Audio - Orion Platinum released

3rd August 2002VirSyn TERA v1.1 R4 update released