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News Archive for September 2000


Steinberg announced Nuendo v1.5 at AES, the big additions to the spec being VSTi support and a Mac version, you can read more at nuendo.com

SynC Modular has been updated to v1.94 for PC and 1.94.001 for BeOS

  • New - Internal skin protocol updated
  • New - Program home page accessible from help menu
  • Fixed - Error in skin scheme removal
  • Fixed - Error in S output handling of knobs
  • Fixed - Omni mode setting loaded back from file
  • Fixed - Z^-1 module error
  • Fixed - Preset handling error
  • Fixed - Internet browser start error

BeOS Only:

  • Fixed - Some registration bugs
  • Fixed - Midi input selection bug

ArGuru Audio Software have added VSTi host support to their free FastFuck3r tracker, also included in the package is a free VSTi called MonoPhunk, that's compatible with other VSTi hosts. [PC]

MonoPhunk Info [PC]:

  • Monophonic
  • 2 Oscillators (Both selectable Pulse/Saw, both detunable)
  • Oscillator 2 can be transposed +/- 1 octave
  • Switchable resonant HPF or LPF
  • VCF ADS Envelope & Envelope amount
  • LFO to VCF (Speed & Depth controls)
  • Distortion
  • Glide/Portamento
  • No GUI - uses the hosts default interface
  • Free

Another free instrument has been released, by Mikko Helin, called BeatZ. As its name suggests its a drum machine of sorts. Its initial use is intended to be as a replacement for Cubase's metronome though it could develop into something very interesting.
BeatZ comes with four drum sounds - kick, snare, closed and open HiHat - that can be programmed at 1/8 note resolution, 8 notes in bar, it uses mono PCM Raw Data files as its sample source [PC]

  • 4 Drum Sounds - Kick, Snare, Closed & Open HiHat
  • 1 Bass Sound (4 voice polyphonic)
  • Programmable 1/8 notes
  • Uses mono PCM raw data samples
  • Free

Pro-52 demo is now finally available for download from Native Instruments site!

It includes the VSTi & the stand alone versions!


VSamp has been updated to v3.03 [Mac]

  • Fixed problem opening files from locked volumes (CDs)
  • Smoother envelopes.

"VSTi Host" is a new freeware application for Power PC Macintosh developed by Dan Nigrin. It is an application that allows a VSTi to be used as a standalone synth, without the use of a bulky host environment (like Cubase, Logic, etc). It's perfect if you have an extra Mac that you'd love to put to use as a virtual synth. (This is the reason it was developed!). VSTi Host was created using Cycling '74's Max and MSP software. [Mac]


Well, we've been a bit quiet for the last week but we're back with a much improved (I hope) site. The VSTi links have transformed into VST Instruments and there is now a page for each VSTi ( as well as the main list), there are also direct shortcuts to the dedicated pages from the 'Quick VSTi Links...' drop down list now on every page.

VSTi Hosts have also got their own listing now, whilst VSTi MIDI Info has gone from the main navigation list, if a MIDI CC list is available it is now linked from the respective VSTi's page in this site.

As I've said before this site is optimised for Internet Explorer 5+ and some bits may look odd in Netscape Navigator, but don't get me started on why Navigator's a pain in the arse....!

There's still plenty more to do but have a poke around and let me know what you think...

RedZ0ne is closing his VST Resources site and has asked us to host the banks and LM-4 kits that he had on his page so we've moved them all to our servers.

Finally, we've got a couple of new VSTi banks for you all!

Jim Ohmart has sent us a bank of 16 patches for Steinberg's Neon, and Michael Malits has supplied us a with bank of 17 patches for Steinberg's Model-E


neXoft LoopAZoid has been updated to v1.12 for both the Mac & PC versions. It includes a major (Unspecified) bugfix for Mac and several minor ones for both PC & Mac

Progressive Production have updated their site with some tasty images and info about their TRIBONE project [PC]


A new, small, kit for FXpansion's DR-005, by Torsten Edwinson

Also, the Forum is back up so come in and air your views


bismark has updated the windows version of bs-1 to v1.04 [PC]

  • Fixed a bug when changing parameter while sound is playing

ArGuru Psycle, the freeware tracker with VSTi support, has reached final release status with v1.0 released! It adds a WAV Recorder, fine tuning of samples, and various bug fixes [PC Host]


A new retro VSTi, the M-Tron, is now available from GMEDIA as part of their new GForce range, modelled on the tape based Mellotron sample playback keyboard. The M-Tron is compatible with Cubase and Logic and is available for both PC & Mac.

  • 28 sound banks including strings, flutes, choirs, mandolins, accordions, vibes, brass and rhythms
  • Tone, Volume and Pitch controls plus new Attack and Decay envelope features
  • £44.95 inc. shipping

VSamp has been updated to v3.02 [Mac]

  • Added tuning window to set fine tuning of samples and instrument.
  • Increased pitch bend range to 4 octaves and smoothed response.
  • Fixed problem with opening locked files.
  • Fixed problem whereby changing a setting of a currently loaded instrument caused instrument to be reloaded on top of previous settings, usually resulting in distorted playback.

SpeedSoft have released a new beta of Virtual Sampler (v2.20 beta 1) [PC]

  • Internal resolution raised to 32 bit
  • Added support for 24 bit WAV's
  • Saveable preset slots for split parameters (volume, filters, effects, controllers)
  • Preset templates for easier creation of presets by using templates with predefined split-layout
  • Added support for TTI file format (Terratec EWS64 instruments), note: there's no TerraTec-internal documentation used, so especially older TTI's may cause problems
  • Added parameter "Filter Envelope Velocity Sensitivity" (lower/raise amount of filter envelope effect in dependence of velocity)
  • Switch "Keyboard Velocity" now enabled by default, controls the note velocity playing the virtual on screen keyboard by the Y-position of the mouse pointer at the virtual key. This allows a simpler editing of velocity controlled effects.
  • Splitnames in AKAI-Import now derived from the sample names
  • Split-Editor: editing of more than 64 splits now possible

Arturia have finally got around to releasing the Morpheus polyphonic synth module for their Storm Virtual Studio, well nearly, it'll be available some time tonight [PC]

  • 2 ADSR envelopes
  • 2 oscillators with a wave table sweeping system, a ring modulator and a synchro mode
  • Multi-mode filter
  • 2 LFO
  • 128 users presets and 64 patterns
  • More info HERE