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News Archive for October 2000


We've posted our first bank for SpeedSoft's Virtual Sampler

We've also added 2 more MIDI CC info screenshots, for Model-E & Pro-52, thanks to TianTia again


2 new banks for mda's DX10

We've also added the MIDI CC info for TC|Works Mercury-1, thanks to TianTia - check it out HERE


Sonic Syndicate have released the v1.6 update to Orion. There are many bugfixes but the most relevant for VSTi users are:

  • Simple VST bank support (.fxb) for VST2 Instruments, available from the preset menu
  • MIDI controllers are now routed through to VST2 instruments

funkelectric have done an interview with Bram De Jong from Smart Electron:x, creator of what is probably the most abusive VST plugin known to man - Cyanide......



Well, we've gone dot com! The new site is a bit more streamlined (from our point of view anyway) but as ever is a work in progress so as usual please let us know if anything's broken, fingers crossed it should all be OK.

As the .com extension is hosted on the same server as our files, instead of just redirected as with the .co.uk before, all paths will now show up as http://www.kvr-vst.com/whatever.htm instead of the old Freeserve URL's, anyway I digress.

We've invested in the full version of the Ultimate Bulletin Board to replace the heavily hacked freeware version we were using, unfortunately this means you'll all have to reregister before you can post, but the benefits more than make up for that. Hopefully we'll have some interesting new forums opening soon.

The new poll on the right may be controversial for some but its a question that I wanted to ask, it'll be interesting to find out what your opinions are.

We've also got a few new banks to post, I'll get them up some time this week when things have settled down a bit. Anyone who has sent us banks recently please bear with us, they will appear soon.


maxim digital audio have released their first VST Instrument, and its another free one. mda DX10 is a simple FM synth, designed for high quality and low processor usage, and it's available for both PC & Mac.

The DX10 is included in the free mda Plugin Pack 7 which also includes Detune, Loudness, & Splitter FX Plugins.


Big Tick have posted a screenshot of Rainbow v2.0 to whet your appetite, click the small image to the left to enlarge.

Mikko Helin has updated BeatZ, giving it a nice GUI, pictured to the right >

Apparently there were a few incompatibility problems with TC|Works Mercury-1 demos and new ones have now been posted. If you experienced any problems running the demo with your VSTi host try downloading the demo again.



TC|Works have released demo versions of Mercury-1 for both Mac & PC, click the links below to grab them direct from here:

Steinberg have announced the first 3 volumes in their LM-4 Kit Connection series, you can read more about them HERE

  • BitBeats Die XXL Compilation
  • :Wizoo Acoustic Drums
  • :Wizoo Electronic Drums

Native Instruments have details of Electrix - Extra sounds for the Pro-52:

"Sounds for the Pro-52 - Electrix Easy Sounds from Hamburg, Germany, offers 64 new Sounds for the Pro-52. The sound set was created by Peter Krischker and contains sequencer sounds, pads, sweeps, effects, basses and lead sounds. It is suitable for musical styles like Trance, Electro, Techno, Ambient and Pop. "Electrix" supports the new features of the Pro-52, for example the echo, chorus and flanging effects and the unison mode. For users still working with the Pro-Five, the sounds also come as a file in Pro-Five format. Also included are Easy Edit pages for Logic and Cubase and 32 demo sequences. "Electrix" can be ordered and is delivered by e-mail within two days."


Virtual Sampler v2.20 beta 2 has been released [PC]

  • New: Four-stage filter-envelope
  • New: Optional logarithmic scale for volume and filter-envelopes
  • New: Improved conversion of AKAI and SF2-envelopes
  • New: Menu entry "Edit|External Wave Editor" as shortcut for editing samples in an external editor (e.g. WaveLab)
  • New: Import of Akai S1000 PRG and P files
  • New: Import of Akai S5000/S6000 AKP files
  • New: VSTi: Wave preview now optionally through VST (Preferences|Audio|VST)
  • New: Integrated LFO (1 Hz - 10 Hz) with modulation targets - frequency, volume, & panning
  • Fixed: VSTi: request to save a changed bank now appears after closing the VSTi only
  • Fixed: Display error in drive list of the integrated file browser
  • Fixed: Error loading velocity-sensitive SF2-splits

Tom Leppkes has released the first version of LM-4 Creator which makes creating LM-4 drum kits a breeze, again we're hosting it for Tom - you check out its page and download it HERE [PC only]

  • Audition via mouse or MIDI
  • Kit overwrite protection
  • Skinnable
  • Fully functional Shareware ($10 if you use it)


SynC Modular v2.04.002 has been released [PC & BeOS (BeOS Not VSTi)]

  • New - Multi-sampling
  • New - Samples are no longer normalised on import
  • New - Small improvements in 9-bar organ example ensemble
  • Fixed - Crashing in Shiny Knobs
  • Fixed - Some crashes and hangups in BeOS version

Michael Malits has updated his Model-E bank that we gave you back on September 20th, he's boosted the number of patches in the bank from 17 to 40

Something screwed up on the current VSTi host poll a couple of days ago and it reset itself!! I don't know why, but please vote again, I'll leave it up for an extra week so we can get a decent set of results.


Roagine is an interesting new percussive bass VSTi from LinPlug, it's very different from what you may have heard before and can deliver all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds. It only costs $25 and is free if you already own GakStoar Delta and Rupsta Gamma! You can't say fairer than that [PC]

  • 24 voice polyphonic
  • 15 parameters/controls
  • Supports velocity & pitch bend
  • Free pitch envelope assignment to modulator and base
  • ECS (Easy Controller Setup) MIDI CC Learn function
  • Fully automatable
  • 128 User programs
  • All settings saved with song
  • Costs $25

Buzz, the much loved tracker, has now got VSTi hosting capability thanks to FSM's VST Adapter v0.35 machine, its still in beta but you can get it here. Obviously you need Buzz to go with it, which you can find here [PC]



Tom Leppkes has put together an editor for easily creating LM-9 Drum Kits - 'LM-9 Edit'. We are hosting this utility for Tom, you can check out its page here [PC]

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