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News Archive for October 2001

31st October 2001

Sonic Syndicate have updated Plucked String to v2.5 [Win VSTi]

  • New 3-voice mode added for phat sounds
  • New oscillator set added
  • Max polyphony increased to 20 voices
  • GUI extended
  • Engine improved for Cubase/Logic hosts
30th October 2001

1, 2, 3, Bank time:

Battery » Junk D&B Kit By: Hans Van Even
Battery » Double Jungle Kit By: Hans Van Even
Junglist » Future Junglist By: Mind Corrosive
Junglist » Buckskin Potato By: Buckskin Potato
Reaktor » daW8000 By: WilliamK (Dash Synthesis)
29th October 2001
SampleTank for MAS has been released, now Digital Performer users can enjoy the delights of SampleTank's impressive sound palette without the need for a VST to MAS adapter!

dfx @ Smart Electron:x have updated their VSTi/FX plugins to v1.04 (Buffer Override & Rez Synth) and v1.1 (Skidder) [Win & MacOS]

DirectiXer, the VST to DX adapter, has been updated to v1.3, fixing a couple of bugs and adding the feature to hide and ignore any unnamed parameters exposed to the DX host [Win]
Electronisounds - Orion MEGA Toolkit CD-ROM Released!

The perfect compliment to Orion Virtual Studio, this CD-ROM includes a HUGE variety of new presets, samples, and midi files. Over 3,000 files!

Orion Mega Toolkit Contents:

  • 50+ new original presets each for: CronoX, Junglist, Scorpion II, Wasp & Wavedream Softsynths! Over 275 new original presets!
  • Over 1,700 individual Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 30 new drum kits for Orion's stereo drum machine
  • Over 480 additional samples: Drum loops, Guitar Samples, FX, Vox, Etc.
  • Over 100 Midi Files: Drum Loops, Rhodes Loops, Basslines, Arps, Etc.
  • & MORE!!

CDs can be purchased online for $29.99

26th October 2001

It's the final day of our Orion Platinum competition, thanks for all the entries sent in so far, the quality of tunes is excellent! However, you've still got the rest of today to finish your masterpiece, who knows, maybe you've got the winning track on your hard drive!

Look out for another great competition next week!

Wantech/Aska have updated their 3 VSTi's to v1.09 (Aska Ayum, Draw & Switch) [Win VSTi's]

AudioSynth has been updated to v0.14 [Win VSTi]

  • Programs and samples are saved with song in Massiva

Massiva has been updated to v0.66 [Win VSTi Host]

  • Vertical lines in Part edit and Audio edit can now be set to any edit resolution or be slaved to the current editres setting
  • Some VSTi's would crash if changing program from the GUI while notes where playing. Fixed.
  • Saves songs faster
  • Saves VSTi program chunks with song
  • Saves Massiva softsynth data chunks with song (AudioSynth, Synthetic II)
  • List of available softsynths and VSTi's are now sorted
  • It is now possible to assign a new FX with a plug-in effect to a sample or softsynth with a single click.
Computer Music issue 40 went on sale at shops in the UK today, with the Muon created SR-202 on the cover, a great FREE drum sampler for MacOS and Windows, go get your copy now!

The Bluelife Audio Zone have interviewed Paul Kellet from mda, makers of the classic mda Piano, ePiano, JX-10, DX-10 and 7 plugin FX packs! Interesting reading...

They've also added Neil Craig's PC Optimization site to the Audio Zone, go learn how to optimize your Windows PC for audio use!

TC|Works have posted a bank of sounds for their Mercury-1 VSTi, created by KNORKATOR
25th October 2001

Muon have released the MacOS version of their incredibly powerful, yet somehow also incredibly cheap, Tau Pro! Initially it's available for only $20, rising to $30 at the end of November!

  • Two 64-bit alias-free oscillators, with a choice of eleven waveforms each, plus detune and PWM (available for all waveforms)
  • Hard Sync and Ring Modulation for extra grit
  • Switchable 18db/24db/36db per octave resonant lowpass filter with EG modulation. Classic acid bassline sound!
  • Velocity-controlled Accent Feature and super smooth Glide mode
  • Built-in Stereo FX unit with distortion, delay, chorus and flange programs
  • Full MIDI control
  • Introductory price of $20!
24th October 2001

Some new banks today, thanks as always to the contributors!

Battery » Virus Kit By: Walter Júnior
CronoX » Kenfen Sampler By: Kenfen
Junglist » DP Junglist
(Orion *.prs format)
By: Digital Pimp
Tau Pro » Buckskin Potato By: Ammeris Gill - Buckskin Potato
23rd October 2001

Kenfen.com have released Junebug's Beat Box for Battery Volume 2 and CronoX Sounds Volume 1

"Junebug's Beat Box for Battery Volume 2 is a "nothin' but drumzzzzzzz" disk for those who need fresh drum sounds for Battery"

"Real Rhodes, Real Wurly and Real Acoustic Guitar form a basis of CronoX Sounds Volume 1, thanks to the CronoX's sample OSC. The 128 bank of sounds gives you both traditional type sounds as well as sounds you've never heard before. The collection contains basses, leads, pads, horns, FX and some sounds defy categorization.

You can purchase this sound set in banks of 32 or all 128. Look for more CronoX sounds soon! Downloadable Demo of 10 presets available."

22nd October 2001

Emagic have updated all versions of Logic to v4.8.1 (Windows and MacOS) Read what's new...

Steinberg now have an official LM-4 MKII page up with several screenshots of the various screens, it looks like a baby HALion ;-) Check it out here...

Anyone interested in getting into VST FX and Instrument development should head over to the Bluelife Audio Zone where Tobybear has put together an unofficial VST Development FAQ

Also, their competition to win PSP's Vintage Warmer is coming to an end in 3 days so now is the time to go competition mad and enter that and our Orion Platinum competition at the same time!

21st October 2001

rgcAudio are entering the final week in the Pentagon I beta test, since the original beta demo was released over 100 new features and improvements have been made! If you're quick you can still purchase Pentagon I at the special preview price of $79, as soon as the final version is released this will rise to $99!

20th October 2001

SpeedSoft VSampler v2.7 final has been released. You can check out a very detailed change list here [Win VSTi & DXi]

The DXi version is now available to Sonar users for only $49!

AudioSynth has been updated again, to v0.13 [Win VSTi]

  • Max VST outputs is now set to 2 channels as default (Because not all VSTi hosts support 32 channels)

Dash Synthesis are continuing their quest to take over the Reaktor world with two new members joining their team of synth designers - Liqih AKA Luigi (very well know for the SynC synths) and Durk (AKA Dumb Ass Durruk)

They already have 3 new ensembles ready by Liqih (Luigi) SupremePak users get these 3 new synths free - Check them out here...

Rumours of Steinberg releasing LM-4 MKII appear to be true! Check out the PopUp at Steinberg.net! Also, Keyboards.de have a news item with a feature list and screenshot here (In German)

  • Drag and Drop sample loading
  • 50 drum kits
  • BitCrusher
  • ADSR envelope
  • Costs EUR 149

Roland Japan have a new HQ (High Quality) range of plugin instruments (VSTi & DXi), initially Hyper Canvas and SuperQuartet.

Hyper Canvas appears to be a high quality sample based GM2 sound module, with resonant filters, ADR envelopes, Portamento, Reverb and Chorus, amongst other things. SuperQuartet features 4 sample based modules - Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums again offering built in Reverb and Chorus.

Both are for Windows (VSTi & DXi) and MacOS (VSTi), check out the pages below, work out what you can from the English translation, unless you speak Japanese obviously!

19th October 2001

AudioSynth has been updated to v0.12 [Win VSTi]

  • Much faster saving of sound banks
  • Fixed a distortion bug (VSTi mode)
  • Up to 16 stereo outs with 1 stereo out selector for each program/midi channel
  • Save sound bank with song (if supported by VSTi host)
  • New price: $30

eSoundz.com is a new website from Sonic Reality and they are offering a large selection of free downloadable sounds in many native sampler formats, including EXS-24, Unity, SampleTank and soon HALion.

They've also released "OmniSoundz" Universal Sound Library which is a new PRO GM set of all 128 standard GM instruments available in almost every software sampler format out there including EXS-24, Unity DS-1, SoftSampleCell, Reason and HALion formats, priced at $129.

18th October 2001

Sonic Syndicate have updated Junglist to v2.1 [Win VSTi]

  • More presets
  • With closed GUI, switching presets was not possible - fixed [Cubase]
  • First note in sequence could produce random results - fixed [Orion]
  • When all Osc shapes were deselected, CPU hog situation occurred - fixed [All Hosts]
Wantech/Aska have updated their three VSTi's (Aska Ayum, Draw & Switch) to v1.08, reducing CPU usage. They've also posted a screenshot and MP3 demo of a forthcoming shareware Drum Synth they are developing - Drum Dragon [All Win VSTi's]

Plugsound have finally released their ROMpler/Sound Module VSTi's! There are six modules, each costing $99, and they are available for Windows and MacOS as VSTi or MAS instruments. The six modules are:

  • Keyboards
  • Synth Collection
  • Fretted Instruments
  • Hip Hop Toolkit
  • Drums
  • Global

Fruityloops has been updated to v3.3 adding a whole host of new features including:

  • ASIO output
  • Buzz machines & FX
  • Integrated (beat) Slicer
  • Internal controllers
  • 8 plugins per FX track
  • Portamento & velocity/kb tracking
  • Fruity Granulizer
  • New v3.3 Demo version is available
17th October 2001

Native Instruments have updated Absynth to v1.2.3, download it here... They've also posted a release date, well a release month, for FM7, now officially due in November, read more here...

New features:

  • Select from multiple ASIO drivers in Audio Settings
  • Select the current audio system directly from Audio Settings
  • The MIDI device popup allows you to select "none", in which case MIDI from hardware interfaces is ignored, but IAC MIDI is accepted
  • The keyboard has a spiffy new look (one octave has been removed)
Bug fixes:
  • More reliable ASIO, MAS and DirectConnect support
  • The "666" bug is fixed
  • MIDI slider positions are now saved and restored more reliably in Logic
  • All known extension conflicts fixed
  • Many other minor bug fixes...
Known problems:
  • Absynth VST is still MP incompatible. In order to use Absynth VST with an MP machine, you must disable MP support in the host application
  • Absynth VST is still incompatible with VST "wrapper" plugins used in Digital Performer

Psycle has been updated again to v1.6b3b [Win VSTi Host]

  • Corrected serious XM import transpose bug
  • Wave loader bugfixes
  • Faster
  • Loads 24 bit WAV
  • Loads WAV with PAD chunk
  • Fixed sampler default resampling = linear omission
  • Fixed CPU performance again. (Still has a bit of multitasking effect, but works)
  • Cancel in Presets Dialog didn't cancelled (wondering how I did the code...)
16th October 2001

Bojo Organ One v2.0 VSTi has been released for Windows:

  • New interface
  • Cleaner sound and virtually no aliasing
  • Two oscillators in real stereo. Detuning, transposition and Stereo width
  • Mixing modes: Single, Mix, Inverted, Ringmod., Inverted Ringmod
  • Performance parameters: Pitchbend range, Random tuning, Velocity sensitivity
  • Plus lots of smaller improvements
SamplerChan have released a new beta version (v1.6b) for both registered users and in demo form [Win VSTi]
  • Shape changing filter -  Move smoothly between each filter shape using LFOs, envelopes, modwheel or any of the usual mod sources
  • New saving options - Save with host or more efficient project file. Files on your disk are no longer duplicated in SamplerChan banks - unless you want them to be. New archive options.
  • Streamlined graphics.
  • New preview options. Scan through samples without getting RSI. Preview and extract samples even in SoundFont and SamplerChan files. 
  • Multiple undo extended to beat slicer. Gives you freedom to experiment.
  • Numerous tweaks, bug fixes and improvements.

Tobybear has updated QuickKeys to v0.3 [Win VSTi]

  • All notes off/MIDI reset sending by clicking on left wooden panel
  • Fixed problems with some "sticky" key situations
  • Virtual keyboard is now optionally velocity sensitive
  • Transpose can be switched off
  • A MIDI CC LFO With adjustable rate and depth
  • Download here
13th October 2001
I've added a few new features to the Ratings and Reviews section, check them out...

Tobybear has updated SickSynth to v0.3 [Win VSTi]

  • Improved envelopes
  • New parameters (finally FM and Fat are back!)
  • Improved stability
  • Better sound
  • More controls
  • Download it here

Cakewalk Sonar has been updated to v1.3 featuring several new editing and mixing enhancements. Read the full press release and download the update here... [Win DXi Host]

Steinberg have released a new Cubase Public Beta for Windows - 5.0r7 PB5

12th October 2001

Destroy FX @ Smart Electron:x have updated their crazy bipolar plugin pack to to v1.03. That's Buffer Override, Rez Synth and Skidder in case you didn't know [Win & Mac VSTi/fx]

Emagic have released pricing information for their forthcoming Logic Control hardware and Logic Platinum 5 major update. Full story here...

US Pricing
Logic Platinum Version 5 Update (from Version 4.x) $149.00
Logic Control (base unit) $1,299.00
Logic Control XT (8 channel extension) $1,129.00

German Pricing
Logic Platinum Version 5 Update (from Version 4.x) 169,00 Euro
Logic Control (base unit) 1.399,00 Euro
Logic Control XT (8 channel extension) 1.229 Euro

Steinberg have released new versions of Cubasis - Cubasis VST 3.0 and Cubasis Go 3.0, both are for Windows and have VSTi support:

The info was removed from steinberg.net !

Tobybear is raising the price of his excellent Deconstructor Pro VSTi/fx to 50 Euro (About $46) from 1st November. You can still purchase it at its old price of $35 until then! [Win VSTi/fx]

11th October 2001

Native Instruments have re-released the MacOS Reaktor 3 demo, after the original one was removed due to problems. Get it here...

Sound Quest Infinity has been updated to v2.03 (v2.0 Service Pack 3). The highlight of this new version is hosting for VST instruments, VST effect, DXi instruments, and DirectX effects. That's right, you can now use all of your favourite plugins right inside Infinity.

The new version includes many additional enhancements including new graphics for many of the effects. Get it here...

Jørgen Aase AudioSynth has been updated to v011

  • Added a "Note on restart" option to the beat modulator
  • Added "Glide" to each of the values in the beat modulator, for more complex modulation patterns
  • Pitch bend now also works in VSTi hosts (not only Massiva)

Something we didn't mention in yesterdays Dash Synthesis news, they will also have a new ExtraPresets-Pakage available shortly, programmed by BiCho and Kenfen for various ensembles in the Dash library!

10th October 2001

Live Update have updated LiveSynth Pro to v1.3. New to 1.3 is sub-bank support, memory sharing between instances when a duplicate SoundFont is loaded, and NRPN support [Win DXi]

Wantech/Aska have updated their three VSTi's, Aska Ayum, Aska Draw & Aska Switch to v1.07 [Win VSTi's]

Electronisounds have released their first preset bank CD-ROM for LinPlug's CronoX.

Entitled "Junebug's Electronica Bank - Vol. 1", the CD-ROM contains 65 all-new original patches programmed by Junebug. Most of the patches are sample-based and many new .wav samples are included in the collection. Aimed at Electronica enthusiasts, the presets range from straight forward trance-style leads, to "super-wash textures" made with guitar samples. Basses, Leads, pads, & FX are all represented here.

The CD-ROM can be purchased online for $19.99 and a preview preset is also available for download.

Dash Synthesis have a truck load of new releases for Reaktor, and they've announced preliminary information on a new VST they are developing in conjunction with LinPlug - a 9 DrawBar Organ. More info...

New Reaktor Ensemble by WaveInHead

  • Analogon Vector - "VectorSynthesizer - 128 presets - Moving Pads Breathing Atmos, Mega Phat Basses, sick FM" (WaveInHead)

New Reaktor Ensembles by J.Knocker

  • Virtual E.P - "Sweet beautiful Wurlitzer type sounds can be yours, I love it." (KriminalK)
  • JP9095 - "Physical Modelling Synth - Phat Leads, Deep Pads. Sounds like Roland JP-8000" (WilliamK)

New Reaktor Ensemble ComboPakages (Paks)

  • SpecialPak+ -"All the synths found on the SpecialPak plus HyperDrums
    and Extra Presets done by BiCho and Kenfen"
  • SupremePak - "For this package we have made a incredible deal with all members of DashSynthesis, so you get ALL synths found on the site + extra presets that BiCho & Kenfen are working on."
  • KnockerPak - "All synths made by J.Knocker (VirtualEP + JP9095 + BassKonzeptPro + da909 + Mechanix6)
9th October 2001

Psycle has been updated to v1.6b2 featuring, amongst other things, new pattern and wave editors and various bugfixes. Read the full list here... [Win VSTi Host]

Tobybear has updated SickSynth to SickSynth2, featuring drastically reduced CPU usage (From >90% down to around 10%) and many bug fixes and optimizations [Win VSTi]

6th October 2001

Echochamber have a lot of drum kits available for Emagics EXS-24 sampler, featuring loads of old beatboxes from the likes of Roland, EMU, Linn, Oberheim, etc. Harvey Alison has now created the FXP files to enable HALion users to load the kits!

LinPlug have updated CronoX to v1.32, fixing a bug - when using Spread on Samples may cause spikes [Win VSTi]

Tobybear has been busy, as usual, and has knocked up another two early Beta/Alpha VSTi projects for you, QuickKeys and SickSynth, both for Windows.

QuickKeys doesn't make any sound but acts as a standalone MIDI keyboard controller for other VSTi's, it loads as a VSTi and you can play other VSTi's by clicking the keys with your mouse. Useful if composing away from your studio. SickSynth is a nasty, rough, experimental synth, you have been warned....

3rd October 2001

Manytone Music have posted information on their forthcoming free VSTi for Windows - 3S. 3S stands for Simple Shiny Sampler which is a simple sampler, that's also shiny, created in conjunction with LinPlug:

  • Polyphonic up to 24 voices (CPU dependent)
  • 4 samples loadable simultaneously, of which each can be assigned to its own note, or all to the same note
  • Mono and stereo sample support, 8 to 32 bit, up to 96 kHz, WAV, Float-WAV and AIFF
  • Level, tuning and pan adjustment
  • Samples can be played over the keyboard to create a "Simple Sample Synth"
  • Supports "velocity splits" and "velocity cross-fades"
  • "velocity sensitive" trigger pad
  • Activity light
  • Sample accurate timing, full VST2 integration
  • Drops Loops
  • Contains the latest "LinPlug Audio Engine" So you can count on the quality
  • It's Shiny
reFX have updated QuadraSID 6581 to v1.4 for both MacOS and Windows, featuring some new features and a few bug fixes:
  • Complete graphics overhaul
  • Virtual-keyboard can now be toggled on/off
  • Virtual-keyboard now velocity sensitive
  • GUI enhancements make it easier to edit/select patches
  • Oversampling per chip (1x - 8x)
  • Chip-Model selector per chip (6581 / 8580)
  • Arpeggiator can be configured

Bug fixes:

  • Wavetable-looping was not working correctly in certain circumstances
  • Wavetable was used on release in arpeggio-mode, although the wavetable was not used
  • Galway-noise was reading one value to many from the data-table
  • It was possible to delete the first envelope-point

CSound VST has been updated to v0.52 [Win VSTi]

  • The CSound code was upgraded to Bath CSound version 4.15
Wantech/Aska have updated their three VSTi's to v1.05 (Aska Ayum, Aska Draw, Aska Switch) [Win VSTi's]
Tobybear has updated Deconstructor to v1.2, for an extensive list of fixes check out the official page here...
2nd October 2001

IK Multimedia have updated SampleTank to v1.1 for both MacOS and Windows. The the new features are summarized below, you can read the extensive list of changes on the SampleTank update page

  • New G4 optimization - doubling SampleTank performance on Mac
  • New dual processor compatibility - both in Mac and PC
  • Now DJ and L version can open all sounds - in preparation of the imminent release of IK and 3rd parties sound titles
  • New high quality resampling/repitching engine - makes SampleTank probably the best sample player on the market
  • New AKAI converter with more parameters implemented (Automatically creates a set of user controllers for the converted instruments. The parameters converted and assigned to the A, B, C and D controls are: A: Attack - B: Release - C: Cutoff - D: Tuning)

Bug fixes:

  • Hanging notes bug
  • Delay effect bug
  • Delay/AutoPan/Lo-Fi effects interaction bug
  • Plug-in location bug (Mac)
  • ST Converter buffer size bug

Steinberg have released a new Cubase Public beta for Windows - 5.0r7PB4

LoftSoft FMHeaven has been updated to version 1.3, featuring several new features including a tasty new GUI and TX81z import, it will be increasing in price to $70, though it is currently still available at its previous price of $50 and will be for a limited time only:

  • Redesigned GUI
  • Support for 8 oscillator waveforms
  • Import support for TX81z patches
  • Multi-timbral support from the GUI
  • Over 300 sounds in the default program bank

We've got a new HALion drum kit for you created by Hypertone. It's an interesting drum kit made up of vocodered sounds. As the sounds are all individual WAV's you can download the kit and use them in your Drum Sampler of choice (RMIII, DR-008, etc.)

Download Vocoder Kit for HALion

Barking Spider Electronics have released a free 8 patch bank for Computer Music's CM-101. Download it here...

In conjunction with LinPlug, Kenfen.com have announced their newest product line, Presets for the LinPlug CronoX. The first release is a bank of 32 patches all crafted from Fender Rhodes samples, to be followed by 32 patches crafted from Wurlitzer EP samples. They cost $10 each.

Here's what they have to say about them:

"We see that the love affair for the Rhodes continues and we wholeheartedly join in and offer these Presets for all CronoX users", states Kenfen. The disk includes some Rhodes patches, but there's more than that. Thanks to the incredible flexibility and unique design of the CronoX, this Bank set uses Rhodes samples to create Phat Basses, Screaming Leads, FX, Pads and other sounds. "It was a real blast to take a limited palette of colours and have the CronoX to explore with and open up into new sonic turf", says Kenfen.

"Also, a huge part of us going into this arena is the incredible amount of support that LinPlug has given us. We know that we are dealing with a company of the highest quality and integrity with LinPlug. We will continue to add to our arsenal of sounds for the CronoX so stay tuned for more Kenfen.com releases coming soon."

1st October 2001

LinPlug have updated RMIII to v1.1, incorporating several bug fixes, and their free synth GakStoar Alpha to v1.2 adding a stereo out and improving the interface design.

Also, all their instruments are now available as a bundle - Delta, CronoX, RM III and Roagine in one package for just $149. This includes around 250 presets for Delta, 64 for CronoX, 39 for Roagine and more than 30 drum kits for the brand new RM III. This package will also be available on CD soon!

The individual price of Roagine has also dropped to $29

61% Off
by Zynaptiq
Was $359.00; Save $220.00 until 02 Oct 2023
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