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News Archive for December 2001

31st December 2001

A few bits and bobs to finish the year. A couple of banks below and also a controller map that allows you to control Native Instruments Pro-52 from a Yamaha AN1x - check it out it here (Thanks to Autoy)

Pro-52 » Classified by Type By:

Compiled by Raven!
Created by many!

» Classified by Type - FXB

These two Pro-52 archives each include the same 26 Pro-52 banks that are made up from the Pro-52 presets found in the K-v-R Banks section and the 512 that come with the Pro-52.
To make it easier to find a preset you want each bank has a class of presets e.g. Sustained basses are in one bank and short envelope basses are in another etc.

One file contains .fxb files, the other has the same banks but in native .p5f format for non Cubase users.

30th December 2001

Well Christmas is over, I hope you all had a good one and got all the plugins you asked for! BTW You've still got a couple of days to get your entry for the Sample Farm competition in so hurry up if you want to win!!

Right, lots to catch up on so lets get stuck in!

NLSynth is a new free Windows VSTi from Abacab TeaM, it uses the concept of Non Linear Mathematics to create sounds that are really different! More info and download here...

Orion Pro has been updated to v2.75 [Win VSTi/DXi Host]

  • LFO Tool added in pattern event editor (right-click)
  • Imported MIDI files now also import pitch bend data
  • Aftertouch added as pattern event. The WASP can react on it already, check the "Aftertouch Pad" preset for instance
  • Favourite directories added for Drums + Sampler files
  • Native Instruments FM7 now works properly
  • Fast latencies now possible without having to change Timebase
  • WASP slides work correctly now (make sure polyphony is set to 1!)
  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes

Native Instruments have been busy:  Reaktor v3.05 is out for both Mac & Windows, FM7 is now shipping for Mac and a Windows demo has been released.

They've also unleashed a few other treats:   Drum 'n Bass Drum Kit for Battery, 6REV Reverb ensemble for Reaktor and t55t, an ensemble containing a 16-step-sequencer, a sequence-processing-module, a synthesizer, delay and tape recorders, available in both Reaktor and Dynamo versions!

IK Multimedia have teamed up with several soundware houses to bring you variations on the SampleTank theme. I think we all know about Sonic Reality's Sonic and Omni Synths but there are 13 other products of this type also about to be released, including more titles from Sonic Reality/eSoundz, IK, Masterbits and AMG. All titles come with SampleTank LE and cost between $79 and $249. If you're feeling particularly rich you can even buy Sound Modules Series Vol. 1, a set of 9 of the modules, and save $200 on their individual prices!

Check out the full list here...

Tobybear and Bluelife have released a free windows VSTi as a Christmas gift to you....

Borderliner - "It's an attempt to break away from the normal synths available, providing you with a partly colour based interface. The colours represent moods. "Black and White" provide the basis. You can also mix the Black and White "tones" to obtain various forms of grey... which in turn can be colourized to provide different sounds.... and rather like a borderliner, a small change can have a large affect on the result..." More Info...

SpeedSoft released Public Beta 3 of VX7, their FM emulation VSTi for Windows.
Manytone Music have released Quick Kits Electriks, a high quality 24-bit sample pack for LinPlug's RM3, Battery and other formats will follow soon. It's downloadable and costs $18.

Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-1 Drawbar Organ VSTi v1.0 has been released, since v0.9d quite a few changes and fixes have been added including a new interface, new vibrato effect, percussion volume, new presets, warmth and pitch bend! More info... [Win VSTi]

LinPlug have updated CronoX and RM III [Win VSTi's]:

CronoX to v1.41

  • Bugfix: Seldom occurring spikes and crashes when loading songs

RM III to v1.2

  • Feature: Pads are switchable from Mono to Poly Mode settings that may be changed accidentally are moved to the RM III’s back side
  • Bugfix: Fixed spikes with open edit window at low latencies

Fruityloops v3.4 has been released featuring lots of new features and bugfixes. They've also released mda's DX-10 as a Fruity instrument, if you order Fruityloops before January 31st 2002 you will get DX-10 free (Usually retails for $19). A VSTi version of the new DX-10 is in the works and registered Fruity DX-10 owners will receive the VSTi version free upon release. Other new products include a Fruity SoundFont Player and EZ-Editor WAV editor.

Check out a full what's new in Fruityloops list here...

Development of Outsim's Synthmaker is continuing, v0.4 Alpha versions are now available. v0.4 has a completely redesigned GUI and sound engine and only functions as a standalone, however instruments developed with it will eventually be loadable into a SynthPlayer DXi.

SynthEdit v0.46 has been released [Win VSTi Host]

  • Fixed line redraw glitches
  • Keyboard now resizeable (Has 'toggle' mode)
  • New module: Phase Distortion Oscillator
  • Fixed autoscroll glitch
  • Fix for GakStoar Delta automation page
  • SoundFont Player Improved

MusicLab have added 'Volume #19: Dance Techno' to their Rhythm Pattern Library for their Rhythm'n'Chords VSTi, costing $19.

Styles included:
- Techno 1 (23 arpeggio patterns)
- Techno 2 (25 chordal patterns)

More info here...

Fancy winning Kenfen's Zip-O-Drumz sample CD and DashSynthesis Supreme Pak for Reaktor? Nifflas is running a 30 sec song competition with these prizes, hurry along to enter...

Talking of DashSynthesis they've released 3 new synths, one each for SynC, Infinity and Reaktor:

  • Morphine for SynC Modular
  • Dirty EP for Infinity
  • Morphosis for Reaktor
18th December 2001

Its nearing the end of the year and I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who visits K-v-R, I know some of you visit us several times a day, its you lot that make it the success that it's become!!

It's been a very good year for virtual instrument development, personal favourites being Pentagon I, SampleTank, Reaktor 3, DR008, CronoX, damn, this list could go on..... and on... anyway, next year promises to be even better as the industry matures and computing power increases.... Nexus will definitely be one to watch out for early(ish) in the new year, the early beta version is inspiringly different, who knows what other gems are going to appear. Exciting times for musicians, if only we could spend a little bit less time drooling over the new instruments and more time actually using them...

I'm away for Christmas now so there won't be any news posted until the end of December, you'll just have to amuse yourselves ;)
Any e-mails will be answered after I return... eventually.... look, don't hassle me, OK??

Virtual Sampler has been updated to v2.71, a detailed list of what's changed can be found here... [Win VSTi/DXi]

Q-Synth by TK Plugins is a new Windows VSTi in development. They've recently released a public beta version which you can download here, along with some demo MP3's and a detailed feature list, screenshot etc. [Win VSTi]
17th December 2001

Big Tick have updated Cheeze Machine to v1.2 [Win VSTi]

  • Now saves the synth parameters correctly when saving songs
Psycle has been updated to v1.6RC2, what's new and download here... [Win VSTi Host]
16th December 2001

Thanks to everyone who sent banks and patches in over the last couple of months, I'm finally getting around to posting them!

Battery » DTMF Tones By: struggletribe
» RegBattery DJX By: RegPheonix
CM101 » MOJ CM101 By: Marc-Olivier Johnson
CS40 » GovindaBass By: Govinda
Electron » Boff's Electron By: Boff
» MOJ Electron By: Marc-Olivier Johnson
HALion » Analog 2000 By: Hypertone
» Basic Kit
» Bottom Droppa
» Da Big House
» Distortion X
» Mean SubBass
» MS2000 Lead
» Phatboy
» Soundscape
JX10 » Bank 1 FP By: Polac
» Bank 2 FP
LoopAZoid » SnareClaps By: danirava.com
Neon » Boff's Neon By: Boff
Pentagon I » Non Killer Sounds By: Kevvvv
Reaktor » JC Pack By: JClean
RMF » Electro One By: Pietro Capasso
» Electron One Rmx
Tau Pro » MOJ Tau Pro By: Marc-Olivier Johnson
Triangle I » SK Triangle By: Slava Kruk
15th December 2001

Sound Quest have released service pack 4 for Infinity, read what's new and download the update here... [Win VSTi/DXi]

MusicLab are currently heavily discounting their Guitar Rhythm Pattern Library, offering savings of up to $172!

Guitar Rhythm Pattern Library is a unique collection of numerous guitar accompaniment rhythm patterns classified by various musical categories, such as meter, tempo, rhythmic feel, guitar technique, and music style, and specially recorded for use only with MusicLab's Rhythm'n'Chords VSTi and MFX plugins.

More info here...

DashSynthesis.com have launched their SynC Modular area with 4 Synths by Luigi and Jordi, including a Free one!

Also, daVector3fx (Korg WaveStation clone for Reaktor 3.04) has been upgraded with new presets!

14th December 2001

Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-1 has been updated to v0.9d [Win VSTi]

  • Major performance improvement
  • New feature added: Percussion
  • Some bugs causing sporadic crashes fixed
  • Not all objects were samplerate dependent. Fixed.
  • Major redesign of control update method

Audioease VST Wrapper v3 has been released. VST Wrapper is a a VST to MAS adapter that allows MOTU Digital Performer and Audio desk users to use VSTi's [Mac VSTi Host/Adapter]

  • Enhanced VST Instrument support
  • Multiple output support - route Halions 10 outputs to 10 DP buses
  • Load & save VST standard presets
  • Load & save VST standard banks
  • Chunk support on saving songs - open your song and find your VST sampler already loaded the proper samples and settings
  • More accurate Midi Timing for VST Instruments
Massiva has been updated to X0.68 [Win VSTi Host]
  • Cancel mouse action with the Esc key
  • Default velocity on/off when Step recording from MIDI keyboard
  • Define, edit, compose and record NRPN's with the new editor plug-in
  • Copy/paste SysEx
  • Fixed a bug with large audio buffers and FX
  • It's no longer needed to press the ALT key to insert notes with different lengths

Windows demo versions of the Edirol HyperCanvas and SuperQuartet VSTi and DXi's are now available:


13th December 2001

Leigh Marble has just released a new, free VSTi host for the Macintosh.
Dubbed "The Ugly VSTi Interface," this application provides a quick and easy way for those without Cubase to utilise the wealth of VSTi's available. The Interface supports digital audio routing via DirectConnect, Rewire, and ASIO drivers. Special instructions on how to use with Pro Tools are included.

12th December 2001

Manytone Music have finally released 3S Simple Shiny Sampler, their free Windows VSTi developed in conjunction with LinPlug. They've also released 24bit Multi-Sampled Acoustic Drums and Percussion, currently available in WAV and RM3 Kit Format, with Battery format to follow very soon.

3S Specifications:

  • Polyphonic up to 24 voices (CPU dependent)
  • 4 samples loadable simultaneously, of which each can be assigned to its own note, or all to the same note
  • Mono and stereo sample support, 8 to 32 bit, up to 96 kHz, WAV, Float-WAV and AIFF
  • Level, tuning and pan adjustment
  • Samples can be played over the keyboard to create a "Simple Sample Synth"
  • Supports "velocity splits" and "velocity Crossfades"
  • "Velocity sensitive" trigger pad
  • Activity light
  • Sample accurate timing, full VST2 integration
  • Drops Loops
  • Contains the latest "LinPlug Audio Engine" So you can count on the quality
  • Shiny

Also a Special offer for current Registered LinPlug RM3 Users... Get a free
Roagine Percussion Synth if you purchase the Acoustic Drums (Beginning Jan 1st you can purchase Manytone Acoustic Drums Bundled with the LinPlug RM3)!

Lastly, Manytone "Quick Kits" Electronic Drum Sample Pack in 24bit WAV
and RM3 and Battery Formats will also be released any day.

More info here...

11th December 2001

Big Tick have updated Cheeze Machine to v1.1. This update fixes several issues (crash when reopening editor in various hosts, especially Psycle or Fruityloops, mixup with EP-station, ...)

More information and free download here... (if the link doesn't work copy and paste it into your Browser's address bar)

Game Music/Sound Effect Composer/VSTi user Chris Huelsbeck has been interviewed @ The Bluelife Audio Zone, check it out here...

In case you've missed them Native Instruments have posted some MP3 demos of FM7 - check them out here...
10th December 2001

Big Tick have released Cheeze Machine VSTi for Windows. Cheeze Machine is a free string ensemble emulation synth, based on the design of classic instruments like the Arp Solina or the Crumar Performer.

More information and free download here...

Psycle v1.6RC1 has been released, with major bug fixes and some really great improvements and new features [Win VSTi Host]

  • Plugins name caching
  • Graphics double buffering
  • Fixed noise with flanger
  • Lots of bugfixes in the pattern editor - many new features and improvements too
  • Bugfixes in the wave editor
7th December 2001

Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-1 has been updated to v0.9c [Win VSTi]

  • Fixed: Protection fault during unload
  • Fixed: Window disappears during program selection
  • Fixed: Bank saving/loading refreshed all controls with every program
  • Fixed: Several control update problems
  • New hidden value for sweller
  • Responds to main volume controller
How do the REAKTOR-Grain Cloud Module and granular re-synthesis work? Stephan Schmitt @ Native Instruments has knocked up a tutorial (Including downloadable ensembles) to show you how!
5th December 2001

!jasonsynth Freesonic has been updated to v1.1 and is now available for download again! [Win VSTi]

  • GUI redesigned and entry screen removed
  • Radial and linear knob modes (depending on host configuration)
  • Check marks for the current voice implemented
  • Now plays in OMNI ON mode
  • Hidden real time oscillograph and animation implemented
  • Other bugfixes

MultitrackStudio 1.1 has been released: [Win VSTi Host]

  • Drum Editor shows instrument names instead of notes
  • Enhanced click track generator
  • Program hangup on loading particular VSTi's (Dynamo, SampleTank, SR-202)
  • Occasional program hangup on loading large sampler patches
  • Occasional program hangup on starting/stopping sampler (win 2000/XP)
  • Tempo Editor (occasional unexpected behaviour)
  • Note Display in Flanger, Doubler, Tremolo, Echo, Chorus and Vibrato effect
  • Some SF2 drum patches loaded incorrectly (instruments left out)
DashSynthesis.com are having a sale throughout December, you can get their Reaktor Supreme Pack for $49.95 (Usually $99), the Special Pack for $24.95 and all the other packs for $19.95 each!
4th December 2001

VSamp has been updated to v3.2.5 [Mac VSTi]

  • Fixed problem importing some SampleCell instruments

AnaMark has been updated to v1.02. Also, all presets (about 100: 64 factory presets and about 40 presets from the demo song "Interfacial parts") are now available in the demo version [Win VSTi]

  • AnaMark is about 20% faster
  • 64 new, really cool factory presets
  • Creation of random presets
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Sonic Syndicate have updated Junglist to v3.0, a major update. They're also currently offering a great value bundle where you get Junglist 3 + Scorpion 2 + Plucked String 2.5 for only $99 inclusive! [Win VSTi]

  • Now 32 waveforms per oscillator
  • 2-op FM mode added
  • Percussive mode added for synth drum sounds
  • Filter Keyboard Track switch added
  • Velocity Routing to Filter Envelope possible
  • Dual Voice mode added
  • LFO and Delay can be synched to current tempo
  • CPU optimisations
  • Completely new GUI!
  • 100 presets added
  • Now costs $69
AudioSynth has been updated to v0.15 [Win VSTi Host]
  • Select between three work modes:
    1) Reopen last sound bank
    2) Save all programs with song
    3) Save sound bank filename with song
  • Support for AIFF samples
  • Sample preview will now use the same audio drivers as the VST host
3rd December 2001
Another month another competition! Aren't we good to you? Check out the Sample Farm Competition now!

ZR-1 is a new free Drawbar Organ VSTi for Windows from Rumpelrausch Täips

  • 9 drawbars
  • KeyClick
  • Monophonic mode (perfect for bass sounds)
  • Distortion
  • Rotating speakers
  • Built in program handling (compare / save)
  • Adaptive processor usage

Tobybear has released Helios, a very simple sampler VSTi for Windows, he's also updated Deconstructor Pro to v1.3a and released new versions of most of his free VSTfx:

  • Loads a single WAV
  • Assign a root key
  • Loop mode
  • Attack and Release
  • Resonant Low Pass Filter
Bitshift Audio have released the final version of pHATmatik, their free REX Player VSTi for Windows. pHATmatik is the first VSTi that can extract the 'groove' information from a REX file and export it to a Standard Midi File, allowing users to reconstruct the original groove in their midi-capable VST host without a REX authoring tool.

In addition to REX load/export/playback support, pHATmatik provides
the user with standard sampler-like tools for creatively modifying
the loop: ADSR amplitude envelope, a 'pHAT' 2-pole resonant filter,
switchable between lowpass and highpass, and more.

Read more and download it here

1st December 2001

It's a busy month for LinPlug who have just released the final version of their new drawbar organ VSTi, daOrgan v1.0 ($29), and updated CronoX to v1.4 including performance enhancements and 40 new bass presets. They've also announced the next version of Delta, Delta III, which will be available early next year.

If you don't already own any LinPlug instruments now might be a good time to investigate them, they've put together a couple of special bundles that you can purchase before 31st December:

  • The Classic Bundle: Delta, CronoX, RM III, Roagine and daOrgan, worth 237 US$ for just 149 US$

  • The Future Bundle: Delta, CronoX, RM III, Roagine and a free Upgrade to Delta III, worth 232 US$ for just 149 US$

Last, but by no means least, there's good news for Mac owners, LinPlug will be porting all of their VSTi's to MacOS from March 2002!

FXpansion have put together a couple of interesting plugins - Stutter and SuperSnippet.

Stutter is an incredibly addictive sample capture and playback VSTi/FX that basically samples the incoming audio stream and allows you to play it back in various different cycle modes (Forward, Reversed, Looped, etc.), all functions are controlled from your MIDI keyboard. Read more and download here... [Mac & Win]

Snippet is actually an FX plugin from the FSU school as championed by Tobybear, DFX and FXpansion, great for creative FX or just plain old Fu**ing Sh*t Up