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NAMM 2022Artiphon announces Orba 2


Artiphon has announced Orba 2, the follow-up to the synth, looper, and controller. Here's what they are saying:

Orba 2 has everything you loved about the original with a few groundbreaking upgrades:

Play any sound in the world

Orba 2's unique sounds include electronic synths as well as more traditional and acoustic instruments. Artiphon redesigned Orba's sound engine from the ground up so that it can play sampled pianos, guitars, found sounds, and more. Imagine conducting a string orchestra in the parkā€”no strings attached and no screens required. Simply by sliding a finger across the Orba 2's responsive surface, you'll blend these synths & samples to achieve an infinite combination of sounds. With unprecedented expressive potential, you'll never play the same note twice.

Create your own instruments

With the Orba 2 app, you'll be able to record any sound from the real world and transform it into a playable musical instrument. Try capturing the sounds of the city on your walk to work: turn a jackhammer into a percussion instrument, replay the melody of a songbird, or sample a tone from the street busker so you can play it yourself.

Loop songs in seconds

Orba 2 has an integrated looper that allows you to record loops right on the device itself. Using Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead modes, you'll be able to combine these sounds to create songs that are uniquely yours. Orba 2's new quantize feature will keep everything in time, so you can focus on creativity and fun. And since Orba 2 has far more memory than its predecessor, you'll be able to make way longer songs: up to 128 bars.


  • New sound engine that supports sample playback.
  • New Orba app that allows for capturing or importing samples.
  • Dozens of new Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead sounds.
  • Automatic, per-part quantization with Orba Groove option.
  • 128 bar songs (3 - 5 minute creations).
  • Improved ceramic-like playing surface.
  • Larger and more legible text on playing surface.
  • 2 GB of factory sample memory.
  • 2 GB of user sample memory.
  • Higher quality 24-bit converter and speaker amp.
  • Higher quality headphone out.

Price: $149.




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