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Bad Cable v1.2 & Rider v1.0 released

Sound Consulting

Sound Consulting have released Bad Cable v1.2 and Rider v1.0, both free AU effect plug-ins for OS X.

Bad Cable is an AudioUnit which attempts to simulate a bad audio cable. The result is a form of waveform distortion. With some settings, the effect sounds like FM radio when you're at the edge of reception (check out preset #2 "FM Edge").

This is a minor update, focusing primarily on performance enhancements.

  • The effect is rather dependent upon the average level of the incoming signal, so the Intensity parameter is designed with a very wide range to cover all possibilities, including very soft 24-bit signals.
  • Very high settings of Intensity will sound like a "cable" that is so "bad" it doesn't work at all.
  • If you have BadCable 1.0, you should probably remove BadCableUnit.component because 1.2 will install as BadCable.component - and no testing has been done with both installed at the same time.

rider is an AudioUnit which automatically rides the gain to keep the RMS output level as consistent as possible. The gain is only changed at a maximum of .5dB per second, so there should be no apparent breathing. This plug-in is useful for mastering, broadcast, or just plain listening.

The only parameter is the Target RMS Level, which defaults to -14dB.

NOTE: There is no limiting of the output, so peaks may exceed 0dB. If you experience clipping in your material, either reduce the Target RMS Level, turn down the master volume, or insert an appropriate limiter plug-in after rider.



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