BitHeadz have released Unity Synth Expander 1 and updated Unity Session to v3.1 (Now also an AU on OS X).

Unity Synth Expander 1 is a library of plug-ins that can be used with Unity Session, DS-1, AS-1 or stand alone. Unity Synth Expander 1 can also be used as a plug-in with either Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, or Cubase. The new title features three vintage synthesizers, three physical model engines and hundreds of other sounds and is available for Mac OS and OS X as VSTi and AU for $199. A demo version is available.

Unity Synth Expander 1 includes:

FM-1 "FM Synth"
  • 8 operator FM synth engine.
  • Stereo oscillators.
  • 10 possible waveforms plus user defined tables.
  • Oscillator phase reset can be randomised.

VS-1 "Vector Synth"

  • 4 stereo sample playback oscillator.
  • 8 stage time controllable vector envelope mixes between the X (Osc.1 & 2) and Y (Osc.3 & 4) axis.
  • Vector envelope can optionally loop or sustain individual segments.

GL-1 "Glottal Model"

  • Models two 8 segment vocal tracts that can be interpolated between.
  • Includes support for variable waveforms, noise and user defined tables.
  • Each tract stage includes length and reflection parameters.
  • Pitch tracts the model's oscillator frequency, as well as glottal tract length.
  • Model includes a multi-function filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop).

BR-1 "Brass Model"

  • The mouthpiece model includes support for breath, lip and noise parameters.
  • The bore model includes 2 interpolated cylindrical bores.
  • Separate frequency control of the mouthpiece and bore.
  • Model includes a multi-function filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop).

EP-1 "Electric Piano"

  • Models hammer, time and pre-amp.
  • Hammer model includes hammer speed, noise and amplitude parameters with support for user defined tables.
  • Tine model supports random tuning, decay, offset and damping parameters.
  • Preamp model includes overdrive and limiting controls.

WS-1 "Wave Synth"

  • 8 stereo sample playback oscillators.
  • Time and fade parameters for each oscillator.
  • Sequence tempo is MIDI syncable.


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