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Centipeak updates ProTrig to v1.3


Centipeak has updated its drum-trigger plug-in ProTrig to v1.3.0.0.

Changes since version

  • Substantial improvements of the triggering-engine. Hit detection is now even more accurate than before, with increased speed and stability. Some known performance issues have been eliminated.
  • Time-shift-control added. Allows control over the timing of the MIDI-events sent by ProTrig. Can be used to fine tune the exact timing of the hit to fit the original recording in order to produce a tighter result.
  • Extended and improved MIDI-handling. Support for direct communication with MIDI-output devices has been added. When used in conjunction with a loop-back MIDI-driver, ProTrig now also works with Sonar, Samplitude and other hosts that doesn't support MIDI-output from Audio Effects.
  • Audio ducking has been greatly improved, it now supports cross-track ducking through a new internal send/receive system. Mutes or lowers the volume of a track when a hit occurs on another track.
  • Monophonic mode added. Makes MIDI-output monophonic. This can, for example, make the notes not overlap when recording MIDI-tracks.


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