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DS8 Drum Works announced

Scott McCabe

DS8 Drum Works is a new Drum Sampler VSTi for Windows currently in development. They are about to enter beta testing and are looking for willing beta testers. Current announced specifications and features (Subject to change):
  • Up to 32 Drum Kits (System RAM dependent)
  • 12 Pads per Kit
  • Assign Drum Kits to any of the 1 - 16 MIDI channels
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Supports Mono and Stereo 16 and 32 bit WAV's and AIFF's
  • 8 Velocity layers per pad
  • Modular Filter design to open doors for 3rd party filters. (In the beta, two filters are provided for testing) Pads can have up to 4 filters each
  • Mixer view provides support for Pitch, Pan, Sample Start and duration
  • Complete customisation of Chokes and Triggers
  • 12 Mono and/or 6 Stereo outputs
  • Import LM-4, LM-7 and LM-9 Drum kits


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